Who provides new build home warranties?

A new build warranty is taken out by the developer.  With a builder’s warranty on your new home, you can confidently enjoy your new building without worrying about the cost of structural repairs if something ends up going wrong in the early years of ownership. The most well-known providers of new home warranties are the National House-building Council (NHBC) which is the most common provider covering 70-80% of the new build market, Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and Premier Guarantee. 

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When is arbitration suitable?

Families can agree to use arbitration from the outset or even after court proceedings have started.  It can be used to resolve disputes about finances and child arrangements.

What are the advantages of arbitration?

Appointing an arbitrator has a number of advantages over relying on the court procedure. It is often much speedier than the court process, as appointments are listed at the participants’ convenience not dependent on the court’s timetabling powers.

The process is private and confidential, whereas the court system is becoming increasingly transparent.

Parties get the benefit of a specialist arbitrator who is reserved just to deal with their case. At court, numerous hearings are listed for one judge to deal with each day, meaning the judge doesn’t always have much time to hear everything.  Also, by selecting the arbitrator, the parties know they will have a judge who is a specialist in that area of law.

Arbitration also provides continuity as the arbitrator remains on the case until it reaches a resolution so they are able to have more personal involvement in the case and can find a bespoke solution for the family.

An arbitrator’s decision is binding so the parties know they will have closure to their dispute.


Is Land Registry legal proof of ownership?

The Land Registry is considered to be conclusive evidence of ownership of a property. This means that the person or entity listed as the owner in the Land Registry is legally considered to be the owner of the property, and their ownership rights will be recognized by the government and courts. However, it's worth noting that this may vary depending on the jurisdiction, and in some cases, additional legal steps may be required to establish ownership.

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