Professional negligence claims

If you’ve been let down by a professional, our litigation specialists can help you make a claim to put things right and even secure compensation.

Starting your professional negligence claim

We all rely on other people to do jobs for us – builders, accountants, surveyors, yes, even solicitors! And when we pay a professional to carry out a job for us, we expect it to be done to a professional standard and completed properly. Most of the time the job Is done, we pay the bill and both parties are happy. 

Unfortunately, there are times when the work is not finished properly – or you might uncover problems further down the line. When you’re let down by professionals, there can be serious consequences which you’re left to resolve. So what can you do?

How we can help you

Tees can help you hold professionals to account for the work they've done, and any problems it may have caused. Our team of professional negligence solicitors can help you recover damages for any losses you've incurred, and get an explanation of what went wrong.

When a professional doesn’t do their job properly, many people will try to sort it out themselves. If you haven’t managed to get anywhere yourself, you’ll want to talk to someone who can help and that’s where we come in. Our professional negligence solicitors are experienced in challenging the results of poor service. We can advise you on what action you can take and how likely it is that your action will be successful.

We look at every angle

First of all, we’ll listen to your story and get a full picture of what has happened. Then we’ll give you honest and straightforward advice about what you can do. We’ll talk to you in plain English and we’ll answer any questions you’ve got. We’ll work with you to find a solution to your problem and we’ll take legal action as necessary to get the best possible outcome for you.

Finding the right outcome

The results of professional negligence can be devestating - so we're here to help put things back on track. Whether that means an explanation, or recovering damages - we'll find a solution that works for you.

Recent cases

We’ve recently pursued actions against:

  • Accountants: obtaining damages for an incorrect set of accounts 
  • Architects: recovering £250,000 relating to a defective building claim 
  • Auditors: recovering £300,000 for a negligent audit 
  • Builders: recovering £187,000 for defective workmanship 
  • Dentist: bringing a claim for negligent dental treatment
  • Financial Advisers: relating to the creation of an excessive investment risk profile
  • Insurance Brokers: for failing to ensure adequate cover was in place
  • Solicitors: obtaining damages for negligent will drafting, a failure to grant a right of way and for missing a personal injury deadline
  • Surveyors: claiming in relation to an over valuation and for failing to report the true condition of a property
  • Trade Union: acting for trade union member and obtaining damages of £72,000 from the Union for negligent legal advice

Let’s talk!

If you’ve suffered because of a professional’s poor work, talk to us. We can help find a solution to your problem. Give us a call for a free and confidential conversation.

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