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Easy online system

Would you like to use our easy online system? It uses Artificial Intelligence to give you information that is free, instant, personalised and helpful.

You will have been given this link by one of our specialists at Tees to help you get started.

Click on the link button below:

The system can also assemble your complete relationship history online, which will help us reduce costs if you book in for an appointment.

This easy online system is provided by company called Settify. Settify securely holds the information you provide in its own right, not for Tees. This is not legal advice and Tees won’t act for you unless you formally engage us later, so using Settify doesn’t create a solicitor-client relationship between you and anyone. Settify receives a fee from us. Your data will remain entirely private and confidential, even if another party to your matter also uses a Settify system.

If you have questions about using Settify, please contact your Tees adviser.

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