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Family & divorce law

Divorce and separations are of course stressful so it’s vital you get practical and professional guidance as soon as you can. We help with divorce, mediation, child custody and financial settlements. For happier times, we do pre-nups, adoption, surrogacy and fertility law.

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Types of family law advice

We can help you with any aspect divorce or family law. Whether you're cohabiting, married, in a civil partnership or going through a separation - our family law solicitors have the practical expertise and knowledge to help you get the best result for you and your family. We specialise in:

  • farming – our farming divorce lawyers understand that agriculture businesses are often family businesses; the farm and the family are integrally linked and have been, very often, for generations. Sharing assets upon divorce in a farming family is very complex. At Tees we specialise in working for farming families to help them manage all aspects of their lives and business – so we understand the limitations and difficulties you may be facing if you’re considering splitting up.
  • high net worth divorce – the more assets you have, it is very often the case, that the more complex it is to work out a fair division.  Our high net worth divorce solicitors are expert at advising on the division of multiple assets such as businesses, pensions, properties, investments and other valuable assets such as jewellery, paintings, cars plus assets which may currently be abroad.
  • disputes that involve children, particularly divorces – our child law solicitors are exceptionally knowledgeable and committed to finding a solution for you and your children which protects their welfare
  • international divorce where the relationship crosses international boundaries – our international divorce solicitors have worked on cases throughout the world and can advise you on the implications of your cross-boundary case, including whether you should choose to get divorced in another country.

A family solicitor you can rely on

Tees will provide you with a family law solicitor who will listen to you and find out what you want to achieve.  They will help you to find the best, practical solution for you to more forward positively. Your specialist family solicitor will guide you through the legal process to find a way to resolve your current family difficulty so you can move on.

The services our specialist divorce solicitors offer include:

  • Mediation – we help you to have constructive conversations with your partner, to find a more amicable solution that will be legally-binding
  • Collaborative law and round-table discussions – where you and your partner meet at the same time with both your respective divorce solicitors to find an agreement
  • Arbitration – where both partners choose an arbitrator (who will be a divorce solicitor who specialises in arbitration) to make the final decision. Your family law solicitor will advise you, represent your interests and negotiate with your former partner’s representative.
  • Court negotiations – if you need to go to court, we will help you plan your strategy in detail in the months leading up to your case. We will advise you every step of the way and be with you in Court on the day, to support you during what is obviously a stressful experience.

Come in and see us for a FREE 30 minute face-to-face consultation about your options. Alternatively, if you want us to take a closer look at your situation, for a fixed fee of £150 + VAT, we can talk with you for up to 90 minutes.

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What our clients say

Ms. D. C.


Caroline Andrews has been dealing with our family affairs for around 8 years now, assisting with my divorce, and with two separate child arrangement orders. Caroline has proven invaluable over the years, her advice has remained professional and legally concise, whilst also being in a way that is easy to understand and follow. Caroline has been a tremendous support to our family during some very tough times. Thank you once again for all that you have done over the years, for me and my kids.

Mr P

Orsett, Essex

I would just like to say thank you to Louise Margiotta for all your hard work and support and thought you did an amazing job ... I also thought you were fantastic in court as we achieved pretty much everything we wanted.

Mrs B.


Would you please pass on my sincere thanks to everyone on the team who were involved in actioning my divorce. I was impressed by your prompt responses, your clarity and the way you all kept me on track. I couldn’t have asked for more from the team and I honestly believe I wouldn’t be in such a good place now if it hadn’t have been for you all. as a team. A very big thank you.

Mr. D.

Bishop's Stortford

We would like to thank Abby Westell - her compassionate professionalism, wisdom and support is very much appreciated.

Mr G

Bishop's Stortford

It was some 18 years ago now that you advised me on my divorce settlement and at the time we discussed options around suffering some early financial ‘pain’, at the expense of maintaining 100% of my pension. We decided on this approach and you did a great job countering barristers engaged by my then wife, to conclude a reasonable settlement for me at the Court in Harlow. How good your advice has turned out to be, now that me and my new wife can decide our future pension arrangements without any ‘external interference’. Thanks very much for your help and advice all those years ago - it has proven to be excellent!

Mrs G


Victoria, you have supported me through the worst time of my life and gave me the confidence to get through the day to day and cope with things you knew I struggled with. I am very grateful to you and feel I have become a stronger confident person because of it.

Mrs W


Thanks for your help and advice with my divorce, your calm approach helped me get through the trauma of it all.

Miss S.

Isleworth, London

I completely trust Victoria’s legal knowledge and she was always so clear in her explanations to me. She handled the very difficult communication with my-ex partner with the utmost professionalism and pragmatism. I felt so supported throughout the whole process and Victoria’s care and compassion allowed me to relax and maintain confidence through such a challenging time. An absolute all rounder. 10/10.


Louise Margiotta went above and beyond to help her client. Her professional yet caring approach would endeavour to recommend her to anyone who needs a strong solicitor on their side.


Louise Margiotta made my dealing with the practice exceptionally easy. She understood the personal nature of my situation and always tried to put herself into my shoes and provide me with the best advice. Although my case has concluded, she has kept in contact and because of this i would always recommend them.

Rachael Tilley


I recently used Joshua Coombe to guide me through a divorce. He was extremely knowledgeable and provided me with reassurance and support at a difficult time. Joshua was very approachable and gave excellent advise and made the whole process as painless as possible. I would definitely recommend him and his staff as they provided a thorough and professional service.

Mr. R


I want to thank Victoria for her dedication to the task in helping me to secure a satisfactory conclusion to my my divorce settlement. It took much longer than was first envisaged but Victoria's calm professionalism with a kind heart guided and encouraged me throughout the process.

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Tees coronavirus update

We’re here to help you. We’re running as normal with our employees all working from home.

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Our top priority is to continue serving our clients and protecting our employees and clients alike.

We are open and working to help clients.

As a flexible and technologically-adept firm, we already had many home-working systems in place. We have now rolled this technology out to all our employees working for clients, so they can continue to work normally - and from home.

If you are a client, please be assured you can get in touch with Tees and we are still working on your case. To replace face-to-face meetings, we have the facilities to do video-conferencing, conference calls or just speak on the phone, as you need.

You can call us as normal on 0800 013 1165 or email us: You can also find contact details for all our advisers here. 

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