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If you're going through a divorce and need representation at court, or you need help to negotiate, our family law experts will guide you through it.

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What is negotiation and court representation?

Lots of couples going through a divorce or separation choose to negotiate through lawyers. If your relationship has ended, negotation between lawyers can be an effective and fair way to reach a resolution. One lawyer will represent you and another lawyer will represent your ex-partner. Your lawyer negotiates on your behalf, and is there to represent your interests.

Reach a fair settlement through solicitors

When you come to choose a lawyer to represent you, you should choose with care. You will need somebody who you feel you can work with and who will be on your side throughout the process. Your lawyer also needs to be professional, thorough, compassionate, and totally supportive.

How we can help you

Tees' divorce solicitors are experts in every area of family law. We'll take the time to understand your needs and circumstances. With many years' experience on the team, our depth of knowledge is second to none.

Court can help you avoid complications

Divorces can on occasion run into obstacles. If this happens it might be necessary, and even helpful, to set up a formal court process. For example, it could be because negotiations, mediation or collaborative law have been unable to find a suitable settlement for your case.

 If you do have to move to a court process, we will of course help you start formal proceedings. And you can be confident that we will standing in your corner throughout. 

We keep everything moving forward

However, it is helpful to understand that court proceedings are not necessarily a hostile step. Instead, they are more likely to be a way of ensuring your case makes progress according to a fixed timetable. Even then, many court proceedings are resolved early, without the need for a final hearing and a decision by a judge.

What to do next

If you need court representation or help with negotation, give us a call. A dedicated family law solicitor will outline your options and tell you how we can help.

Come in and see us for a FREE 30 minute face-to-face consultation about your options. Alternatively, if you want us to take a closer look at your situation, for a fixed fee of £150 + VAT, we can talk with you for up to 90 minutes.

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