Declarations of trust

If you own a share of a house, a declaration of trust says how much you’ll get when it’s sold – we’ll help you draw up a document that protects everybody.

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What is a declaration of trust?

A declaration of trust is a document that sets out who owns what percentage of a property, so when it's sold everybody knows what they’re entitled to. They’re useful documents if you're an unmarried couple, you've made unequal contributions to buying a house, or loaned somebody else the money to buy or improve a house. 

Like many legal documents, declarations of trust can be complicated, depending on your individual circumstances. There many different variables and other factors that might have to be covered by the document. Our experienced team know how these work inside out, and will guide you through every step.

How we can help you

Our team of specialist solicitors have all the expertise you need. First, we’ll talk about what you want to achieve and look at all the options open to you. Then we’ll advise on the best way forward for you, given your personal circumstances.

At every point you can be sure you're getting the best advice, based on years of experience and expertise in this area.

We look at every angle

We cover every aspect of the process, so you can be confident the final document works for everybody involved and reflects a fair division of the property. The sort of things we consider along the way include:

  • Who is responsible for any mortgage payments?
  • Will it take into account contributions made towards maintenance, bills and so on?
  • Will you want the option to buy each other’s shares?

A Declaration of Trust can help prevent a property from becoming a headache. It's a way of making sure everybody knows where they stand, and feels fairly treated. We can help you come to an agreement that works for everyone involved, and protects your interests.

Clear, practical advice

We keep it simple. Planning for the future is straightforward at Tees, because we work with you at every step. We'll explain your options, and how any decision might effect you and your dependents, in plain English. We make sure you're completely informed at every stage, so you fully understand the implications to you. We also explain the benefits, and any potential risk to you - so we can plan around it together.

You can trust in Tees

A declaration of trust gives you the protection and certainty you need when a property is being sold, particuarly when a relationship ends. You can also be certain that we’ll give the best possible advice and guidance through every step of the process. 

We tailor our service to you

We offer you an honest, sensitive and plain-speaking service that is built entirely around your needs. It’s all about what works best for you. So, tell us about your situation and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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