Breach of contract and constructive dismissal

If you think your employer is breaching the terms of your employment contract, or that your employment contract has been unfairly changed, we can help.

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What are my options if my employment contract is changed?

Constructive dismissal is where you are made to leave your job, against your will, often because of changes to your employment contract or working conditions that have been imposed upon you without your agreement.

If you feel that your employer is in breach of your employment contract, or you have been forced to leave your job, talk to our employment law specialists. If you are considering a claim for constructive dismissal, it’s best to have all the legal information as soon as possible and our experts can help you to make an informed decision as to how to proceed.

Can I claim for constructive dismissal if I resign?

To claim for constructive dismissal you need to have a serious reason to resign that meets certain criteria set out under the Employment Rights Act. You may be able to complain about one serious breach of your contract – for example, if your employer refuses to pay you without good reason. Alternatively, you may leave after the last straw in a series of smaller breaches which become serious when viewed collectively. We can also advise you on other potential claims you may have, for instance if you feel you have been forced to leave because you are a whistle blower, or if your employer has acted in a discriminatory way towards you.

Resigning from your job carries significant risks, and is often financially and emotionally daunting, so it’s important to talk to an employment law specialist before you take any big steps. It's also important to act promptly on any complaints you may have. We can help you plan your next steps, and the timings of each stage. If you’re thinking about resigning, call us on 0800 013 1165 for clear, practical advice.

How we can help you

If you think your employer is acting unfairly towards you, talk to us. We’ll listen to your story and get a complete understanding of what’s happening to you at work. Our employment law solicitors are always on your side, and we’ll help you find a way to move forward positively. 

We negotiate for you

At Tees, we’ll approach your situation with your best interests at heart. Our experienced team always look for creative solutions – and we tailor our approach around you. We have numerous negotiation techniques and tactics up our sleeves, and we’re adept in managing contractual disputes.

Straightforward and practical advice

At Tees, we don’t believe in making life any more complicated than it is already. Leaving your job and taking on your employer can feel overwhelming – but we’re on your side. We will explain everything in plain language, and set out your options clearly.

Together, we will help you plan how to move forward from the situation you're facing. We provide clear, practical advice - designed to help you find a positive solution. Losing or leaving your job is never easy, and you can trust us to be on your side every step of the way.

A tailored approach

When you work with us, you’ll be at the centre of everything we do. Our aim will always be to get the best possible outcome for you. We’ll be with you every step of the way until we reach a resolution that meets your needs. We are always happy to see you in person, but we’ll keep in touch by phone, email and letter – whatever works for you, so you only need to come to our office if you want to.

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