Employment tribunal claims

If you think you've been treated unfairly by your employer, Tees can guide you through the tribunals process.

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Employment tribunal claims - legal advice

If you feel like you've been treated unfairly at work, our employment specialists are here to help. You have options -  you don't need to put up with unfair treatment at work. Our experts will carefully examine your situation, and explain your legal rights.

You might be able to take your employer to an employment tribunal to assert your rights. Talk to us – but don’t hang around. There are strict time limits about when you can make a claim, so it's best to seek legal advice early.

What is an employment tribunal?

Employment tribunals are independent bodies that make decisions to resolve disputes between workers and their employers. They deal with a whole range of issues concerned with work, but the most common ones are claims for unfair dismissal, discrimination and claims about pay.  They’re a little bit like courts and their decisions are legally binding.

Most people go through their whole working lives without ever having to resort to an employment tribunal. But if you’ve had a problem at work that you can’t sort out yourself, you might feel that you have no choice but to issue an employment tribunal claim.

I think I’ve been treated unfairly at work – what can I do?

There are very strict time limits about making claims to employment tribunals. You usually have just under three months to make a claim, and will need to go through ACAS Early Conciliation first. So if you think you might need to take your employer to an employment tribunal, there’s no time to lose. You need to get expert advice – and quickly. We can advise on all aspects of issuing a claim and we work quickly to meet the tight deadlines.

How we can help you

Our specialist employment team are experts in all aspects of employment law and they’re experienced in dealing with employment tribunals. First, we’ll listen to your side of the story and get the full picture of what’s happened. Then we’ll use our knowledge and experience to tell you what your options are. Our aim will always be to get the best possible outcome for you, so we’ll advise you throughout the process and give you a realistic appraisal of your chances of success.

Supporting your claim

Gathering evidence – such as witness statements and documentary evidence – can be crucial to the success of your claim, so we’ll help you with that. We’ll also look at the evidence that your employer is offering and we’ll discuss with you how you can best respond to it.  We’ll make sure that we meet all the deadlines set by the tribunal process and we’ll give you practical advice about what to expect at the tribunal hearing.

You’re at the centre of everything we do

We know that everyone’s case is different, so you’ll be the focus of everything that we do. Our team will make sure that you understand what’s going on and they’ll explain everything to you in plain English. We’ll be with you every step of the way until your case is resolved to your satisfaction.

Let’s talk!

If you think you might need to make a claim to an Employment Tribunal, it’s important not to waste any time. Give us a call for a confidential discussion and let’s talk about how we can help you to pursue your claim.

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