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If you have some money you want to invest, it pays to get the best advice you can – we can provide exactly the advice you need, and more.

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How do I get started investing?

Getting started with investing is easy, and with the right professional advice, investments can make your savings work harder and support your lifestyle. 

Before you start investing, your financial adviser will ask you about your goals, how much money you have to invest and how much risk you are prepared to take with your investments. Many people invest for a specific purpose, such as saving for early retirement or pay for their children’s education. 

Our financial advisers can help you achieve your financial goals by guiding you through the process of setting up your investment portfolio and managing your investments.

What are the benefits of investing?

The benefits of investing and setting up an investment portfolio include:

  • Income from investing

Your investments can provide a tax efficient income as well as tax efficient growth, or a combination of both. For example, you could supplement your income with returns from your investments.

  • Tax efficient ways to save money

Investments can be tax efficient. Investing can give you opportunities to make the most of your money and use up your annual tax allowances and tax-free options.

  • Financial security

Investments can provide you, and your family, with financial security for the future. Investing is one way to prepare for the future and make your money work harder.

We look after everything

We can also combine your financial planning and legal management. This way we get to understand you better, and can adapt plans to suit your changing needs. And you get to save time and money. The sort of matters we can bring under this single service include:

  • inheritance tax planning – will writing, power of attorney arrangements
  • family law – protection reviews, pension sharing, savings for children, school fees
  • trust law – investments, diversification, advising trustees, long-term care
  • commercial/employment law – business protection, pensions, auto enrolment 

What to do next

We build our service around your needs and your future. Our expert investment advisers listen to what you want to achieve, and then give practical, realistic advice to help you achieve it. We are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, which means we are accountable for all the advice that we give.

We’ll talk to you in plain language and spell out all your options so you know exactly where you stand. And you can be sure that all our advice and recommendations are geared towards getting you the best possible results. 

To find out more, give us a call – we offer a free consultation and can even visit you at home if that’s more convenient. Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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Jeff Sadler


Adrian listens carefully and provides impartial advice which has been invaluable in helping to me reach my retirement and lifestyle goals. I have no hesitation in recommending Adrian, as his people skills are excellent and the advice given is always uncomplicated and succinct.

Mr and Mrs W


Entrusting the accumulated wealth of a lifetime's endeavours is one of the most important decisions a person makes. Our experience with Tees allows us to feel confident that our money is in safe hands.

Susan Smith


Michael has patiently explained everything in detail, in language that is easy to understand. He has offered an excellent professional, honest, trustworthy and friendly service.

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