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If you have some money you want to invest, it pays to get the best advice you can – we can provide exactly the advice you need, and more.

Michael Day, Cambridge

Advice on investments and portfolio planning

It can be hard to know where to begin with investments. What do you want to achieve? How risky are you prepared to be? How you will keep track of ever-changing markets? For answers, and for guidance on the different types of investments and funds, you need to speak with a professional financial adviser.

Tees provides all the advice and support you need to manage your investments, and on every corner of the investment market. Our first job is to find out more about you, your attitude to risk and your overall goals. Only when we’ve got the full picture do we make any recommendations about the best way forward for you. It's specialist advice, tailored to you.

How we can help

No matter how much you’re looking to invest, or what your ultimate goal might be, we can help you put together a portfolio that will help you make the most of your money. 

The benefits of investing

A properly managed investment portfolio can provide:

  • A tax efficient income, tax efficient growth or a combination of both
  • The opportunity to use your annual tax allowances and tax-free options
  • The chance to take part in different sectors and global markets
  • Risk management through asset allocation
  • Financial security for you and your family

We keep you informed

We use leading market research tools to decide how to build your portfolio, allocate your assets, and manage your investments over the long term. So you know everything is on track, we’ll keep you up to date on the progress with regular reviews and valuations.

We look after everything

We can also combine your financial planning and legal management. This way we get to understand you better, and can adapt plans to suit your changing needs. And you get to save time and money. The sort of matters we can bring under this single service include:

  • inheritance tax planning – will writing, power of attorney arrangements
  • family law – protection reviews, pension sharing, savings for children, school fees
  • trust law – investments, diversification, advising trustees, long-term care
  • commercial/employment law – business protection, pensions, auto enrolment 

What to do next

We build our service around your needs and your future. Our expert investment advisers listen to what you want to achieve, and then give practical, realistic advice to help you achieve it. We are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, which means we are accountable for all the advice that we give.

We’ll talk to you in plain language and spell out all your options so you know exactly where you stand. And you can be sure that all our advice and recommendations are geared towards getting you the best possible results. 

To find out more, give us a call – we offer a free consultation and can even visit you at home if that’s more convenient. Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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Jeff Sadler


I have had the pleasure of being a customer of Adrian’s for over 10 years. He is always professional and gives sound impartial advice on financial matters. Adrian listens carefully and then provides advice which has been invaluable in helping me reach my retirement & lifestyle goals successfully. I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Adrian as his people skills are excellent and advice given is always uncomplicated and succinct.

Mr and Mrs W


Entrusting the accumulated wealth of a lifetime's endeavours is one of the most important decisions a person makes. In order to feel comfortable you need to trust the judgement of both the organisation and the individual taking care of your investments. Our experience with Tees allows us to feel confident that our money is in safe hands.

Susan Smith


Michael was able to reassure me and put my mind at ease by providing me with sound and practical advice on a variety of investments, and has patiently explained everything in detail, in language that is easy to understand. He has offered an excellent professional, honest, trustworthy and friendly service and has made the time, above and beyond, to meet me regularly, to discuss and plan my personal portfolio and future investments. I have always felt that he has my best interests at heart and through his extensive expertise has also given me peace of mind which has been a huge relief. He has never applied any sales pressure or hurried me to make a decision and has also ensured that I understood and had the full depth of knowledge, in order for me to make the appropriate decision for my personal circumstances.

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Tees coronavirus update

We’re here to help you. We’re running as normal with our employees all working from home.

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Our top priority is to continue serving our clients and protecting our employees and clients alike.

We are open and working to help clients.

As a flexible and technologically-adept firm, we already had many home-working systems in place. We have now rolled this technology out to all our employees working for clients, so they can continue to work normally - and from home.

If you are a client, please be assured you can get in touch with Tees and we are still working on your case. To replace face-to-face meetings, we have the facilities to do video-conferencing, conference calls or just speak on the phone, as you need.

You can call us as normal on 0800 013 1165 or email us: You can also find contact details for all our advisers here. 

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The financial services provided by Tees on this page are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and not by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which regulates our legal services.

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