Dental Claims

If you've had a dental treatment that went wrong, you might be able to claim compensation.

Our Medical Negligence team is not taking on new dental claims at the moment. We’re sorry if this is disappointing news.

If you need help finding a solicitor, we recommend contacting The Law Society. Their free ‘find a solicitor’ service can help you find a specialist solicitor.

A routine visit to the dentist is normally straightforward. But sometimes treatment goes seriously wrong, resulting in lasting damage or pain. If you've suffered as a result of poor dental treatment, or you think the initial problem was misdiagnosed, our dental negligence team can help you move forward.

How we can help you

You’ll want to talk to someone who has the experience and knowledge to help you find out what has gone wrong and what you can do about it.

We have many years’ experience of helping clients to find out what went wrong with their dental treatment and have recovered £100,000s in compensation in dental negligence claims.

Clear, practical advice

We will listen carefully to your side of the story, your concerns and the outcome you might want. Then we’ll look at the evidence, weigh up the options, and give you our expert advice on the best way forward. 

We’ll find out what went wrong

We'll help you get a clear and complete explanation of what went wrong during your treatment. 

Financial compensation

We will tell you if you have a case for compensation.

You may have lasting complications, require ongoing treatment or need additional dental work in the future.

We understand that every claim is different, so we'll take the time to understand how your treatment has affected you; how much you have spent on negligent dental work; what treatment is needed to put things right; and how much that will cost.

We will then factor it all into any claim for compensation.

With you every step of the way

We've handled many dental claims and so, our lawyers really do have the practical experience to support you. We're persistent, and we'll fight to get answers for you. Whether you’re looking to secure financial compensation or you just want answers, you can be confident that we’ll be with you all the way.

We’ll handle your case with sensitivity and understanding. We’ll give you a voice, which will help make sure you get the result you’re looking for. We’ll explain things in plain English and we’ll always keep you informed of what’s going on.

You’re also likely to be worried about the treatment you might need to put things right, especially at a time when you've lost your faith in dentists. Again, we’re here to help to secure you the best corrective treatment that you can get, with advice from our leading expert dentists.

Don’t worry about costs

We will not charge you to assess your case – this will be free. 

After that, there are many ways you can pursue the case without you having to pay the costs as the case proceeds, e.g. Insurance, a No Win, No Fee Agreement.  We will discuss the options with you once we have completed the free initial assessment but if you want to know more now, please get in touch. 

Our experience in dental claims

Over the years we’ve advised people on many problems related to negligent dental treatment, including failures to:

  • Investigate, diagnose, and treat accordingly 
  • Obtain informed consent for treatment 
  • Minimise the risk of infection before or after extraction 
  • Refer appropriately for further investigation and treatment
  • Correctly manage and fit crowns
  • Correctly fit veneers
  • Protect from nerve damage

Tees is a top-tier Legal 500 Medical Negligence firm.  We are one of the longest-standing and most highly respected claimant medical negligence practices in the region, and we work with only the best independent dental experts.

What to do next

We're here to listen. We understand that you may feel angry, confused, anxious or nervous, but you’ll find our dental negligence specialists friendly and easy to talk to.

We build our service around your personal circumstances. Whether you just want to know what went wrong or you’re looking for compensation, we’ll guide you and support you every step of the way.

Call our Medical Negligence solicitors on...

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...for a free, confidential, no obligation chat, or fill out our enquiry form and we will let you know how we can help.

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Q: Where is your office?

Tees has five offices - Bishop's Stortford, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Royston and Saffron Walden. We're happy to see you at the office of your choice, and our solicitors or financial advisers can travel to an office that suits you. You can find directions on our website here.

Q: How can I contact Tees?

You can phone us on 0800 013 1165 or email If you need to speak with a particular person, you'll find their contact details on the 'Our People' section. 

Q: Is there parking at your office?

Yes, all of our offices have parking nearby. Our Bishop's Stortford, Cambridge, Chelmsford and Saffron Walden offices have onsite parking. Our Royston office has free parking a short walk away.

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