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As the Head of HR it is my responsibility to help create the best place to work for employees within Tees.

My team and I are responsible for the recruiting and hiring process, we help new employees to feel welcome and fully inducted into the business. We support our teams across all areas of Training, Development, Performance management, Policy and processes, Employee Relations, Leadership and Coaching. As well as the general day to day running of payroll and employee paperwork.

Employee morale is vitally important to me, therefore my aim is to create and help to foster high morale across the company.

Delivering what you really need

My role is to develop systems and processes which align to the strategic needs of the business. My goal is for Tees to continue to become more adaptable, resilient, and quick to change direction, led by its already all important client-centric approach.  It is my responsibility to bring in the most talented employees, to further grow our teams, for which we will be focusing on methods that range from employee referrals to social media sourcing.

With my team, we develop programmes to create meaningful work, growth, challenge, communication, and effective leadership for all colleagues.

I am always interested to meet people within the industry to understand what other companies are doing and how we can share learnings to make Tees an even better place to work.

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