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I have worked in the field of personal injury law since qualifying more than 30 years ago. I am interested in all areas of personal injury but have particular interest in serious or catastrophic injury cases however the injury may have arisen. I have vast experience in pursuing claims on behalf of clients who have been injured at work, on the road, on property owned by others and from products that cause injury or disease. In fact if a client has suffered an injury that was caused or contributed to by somebody else I am able to help and recover the best settlement I can for the pain and suffering experienced and all the losses that are incurred.


Delivering what you really need

I am responsible for the personal injury claims conducted by my firm and offer a very personal service to my clients. I am happy to see you at whichever of our offices is most convenient to you. I will regularly see clients in their own homes either because of the injuries that they have suffered or simply because it is easier or more convenient for them and so will happily discuss what you would prefer from the outset.

I will not communicate with you by sending out impersonal questionnaires but treat you as a valued individual. Furthermore, I will always meet with personally when needed and speak to you directly on the phone. If I am not available one of my staff who knows your case can talk to you to ensure you get your questions answered promptly. Lastly, I will always use my best endeavours to obtain the best settlement I can for you.


What else should you know?

I am a member of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel which applies strict criteria and I am regularly reassessed to ensure that I am continuing to run my cases in accordance with best practice. I am also a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, a body of lawyers who act on behalf of Claimants, lobby on their behalf and adhere to a code of practice that delivers excellent service and expertise every time.

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