How can I help you?

Quite simply by listening.  I believe that I don’t have the right to advise you how to manage your money until I really understand what you’re trying to achieve with it; and I can only understand this by asking questions and giving you the freedom and time to share your hopes, plans and your concerns with me.

Furthermore, I specialise in helping business owners and senior executives to define how much the lifestyle they want in retirement will cost and then help them achieve it through careful planning, using all the tax allowances and reliefs available. I also work with trustees and charities to help them manage investments on behalf of the beneficiaries.


Delivering what you really need

I have the resource of my colleagues in all departments at Tees as well as being a resource to them.  By working with you I can help you to define your goals; to distil what it is that you’re really trying to achieve into a number of specific objectives and then by helping you see the big picture focus on achieving those objectives and help you live the life you want without financial worries.


What else you should know?

As a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society – the highest level of qualification available, and one of the small number of Certified Financial Planners in the UK, I combine technical knowledge with many years’ experience in helping clients, helping you, not just through my own experience, but through the experiences of those I’ve helped before you.

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Mr and Mrs W


Entrusting the accumulated wealth of a lifetime's endeavours is one of the most important decisions a person makes. In order to feel comfortable you need to trust the judgement of both the organisation and the individual taking care of your investments. Our experience with Tees allows us to feel confident that our money is in safe hands.

Mr and Mrs W


We have been very impressed by some of the foresight that Gavin has shown with regards to our finances. This was particularly the case with planning for pensions, in light of the new rules introduced by the government. He knew about the impact before we did and that is very impressive. We’ve been made to think about our approach to finance in a completely new way and Gavin was instrumental in this approach. Gavin and his team do so much of the heavy lifting with regards to the analysis of our finances, that when we see him it, is a simple and constructive meeting.

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