Pat Astell-Wood


Location: Brentwood

Department: Residential property

T: 01277 268312

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How can I help you?

I qualified as a Solicitor in 1990, from here on I have worked in local government and in a number of firms in the South-East Essex and Mid-Essex. Thereafter, I joined the firm in 2014.


Delivering what you really need

Having practised in various areas of law, I now specialise in residential conveyancing where my main duties include: advising clients on the buying and selling process, researching who legally owns the property being bought, conducting ‘searches’ – asking local authorities about any plans that might affect the property in the future drafting contracts with details of the sale liaising with mortgage lenders, estate agents and solicitors paying taxes such as stamp duty preparing leases and transfer documents keeping records of payments checking that contracts are signed and exchanged.

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