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Divorce: We can help you through this

Right now things may be looking rather bleak. You may be feeling bewildered, fearful, angry. It’s hard to see a way through this situation.

Expert legal help is just a call away. Our specialist divorce solicitors will guide you through the practical steps towards a brighter future.  We’ll be with you all the way, offering expert advice and support. You won’t be alone.

You can book an initial consultation with Tees, if your combined assets as a family are over £750,000 or you have a combined family income of more than £100,000 a year.

While all of this may be new and daunting for you, we’ve taken many people on this journey, using our legal expertise to help them transition from unhappy relationships to a new found sense of freedom and independence.

We have 16 family lawyers in our team, many of whom have been working in family law for many years. Tees has been established for over 100 years and has grown from a high street firm in Bishop’s Stortford, to a major regional firm with six offices throughout the East of England.

Your route to a better and brighter future is just a conversation away. 

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Hear from some of our clients

Mrs B


Would you please pass on my sincere thanks to everyone on the team who were involved in actioning my divorce. I was impressed by your prompt responses, your clarity and the way you all kept me on track. I couldn’t have asked for more from the team and I honestly believe I wouldn’t be in such a good place now if it hadn’t have been for you all as a team. A very big thank you.

Mr B


Over the last few years, as the boys have grown up and are making their own way in the world, I have often thought back to some of our conversations in 2007 and your wise words on future possibilities. As I approach retirement, I will be left with some choices to make on where to spend my time, but am in the fortunate position of being able to make those choices without financial pressure.

Mrs G


Victoria, you have supported me through the worst time of my life and gave me the confidence to get through the day to day and cope with things you knew I struggled with. I am very grateful to you and feel I have become a stronger confident person because of it.

Mrs D


All in all, I still can’t thank you enough for all the help, advice and encouragement you gave me at the time of the divorce.  I always felt really safe that you would get the best settlement in the nicest possible way.

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