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Settlement Agreements: We're here to help

Settlement agreements (which used to be known as compromise agreements) are legally binding agreements between employers and employees. They’re often used in redundancy situations to offer enhanced payments to employees. They can be used when the parties want to part company for other reasons. Usually your employer agrees to pay you an amount of money in return for you agreeing not to take them to an employment tribunal or other civil court in the future.

Our settlement agreement services

  • Advise you on your legal rights so you get fair deal
  • Negotiate with your employer on your behalf, so you get the best possible result
  • Explain the additional benefits you could secure e.g. a good reference for a future employer, agreement on the wording of how your departure is explained to colleagues, clients, suppliers etc.
  • Advise you if we think your employer is treating you unfairly, as to what legal action you could take if you choose
  • Draft the settlement agreement legal contract.

We’re here to help

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