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Cerebral Palsy: We're here to help

Can you claim for cerebral palsy?

If your child has cerebral palsy, a medical negligence solicitor may be able to help you secure practical and financial support for their needs. As you will know, children with cerebral palsy have particular and often complex needs, which can be difficult for parents to cope with – but you don’t need to go through this alone. 

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Our experience in cerebral palsy malpractice claims

Every cerebral palsy claim is unique. No two children, or families, are affected the same way. Tees has the expertise and dedication to handle the most complex cerebral palsy claims sensitively and effectively. We regularly take on, and win, cases other cerebral palsy lawyers have turned down.

Tees is experienced in all types of cerebral palsy brain injury claims, including:

  • spastic cerebral palsy: causes particularly stiff muscles and lack of mobility
  • dyskinetic cerebral palsy: causes random, uncontrolled movements 
  • ataxic cerebral palsy: affects balance and coordination and can cause tremors
  • mixed cerebral palsy: is a mixture of the above types.

We’re here to help

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