Tees Better Future Fund boosts Enterprise East Group's social impact in Saffron Walden

The Tees Better Future Fund proudly announces its latest round of grants, with Enterprise East Group emerging as one of the recipients. This grant will propel the impactful work of Enterprise East Group, a Saffron Walden-based community interest company committed to combating social isolation and employment barriers for over six years.

Dedicated to the fundamental belief that everyone possesses unique talents and potential, Enterprise East Group focuses on uplifting individuals on the margins of society. Their mission revolves around fostering community integration and creating accessible pathways to employment for those facing diverse challenges, including learning and physical disabilities, mental health issues, ex-offenders, addiction recovery, care leavers, homelessness, and low-income families.

Having already positively impacted the lives of over 8000 individuals, Enterprise East Group continues to grow its reach daily.

The Tees Better Future Fund grant will specifically support a new educational collaboration between Enterprise East Group’s community café, Café Cornell, and the local Dig-It community allotment. This innovative project will utilise both sites to host inclusive 'Plot to Plate' workshops, combining gardening and cooking skills.

Weekly sessions will engage participants from Enterprise East Group's employability and social inclusion programs, as well as the wider community. Attendees will learn the entire process of cultivating seasonal fruits and vegetables, from planting and tending to harvesting and maintenance. Once the produce is ready, participants will collaborate with chefs in their community café to master the art of preparing delicious and nutritious meals.

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This initiative not only boosts individual skills but also sustains a cycle: the produce will be used in Café Cornell, with excess yield donated to the Saffron Walden Community fridge at the Jubilee Hub. This actively supports local families and reduces food waste.

The Tees Better Future Fund is proud to support Enterprise East Group's visionary initiatives, reinforcing its commitment to fostering positive change and sustainable community development.

Samantha McReynolds, Founder of Enterprise East Group CIC commented, “Our Plot to Plate project will enable local people facing a variety of barriers to access unique learning experiences within our community café and allotment. It is a great pleasure for us to be able to partner with the local community allotment charity Dig-It, whose expertise and facilities will greatly enhance this project. We are very grateful to the Tees Better Future Fund for their generous support in making this possible.”

"The Tees Better Future Fund is elated to support The Enterprise East Group's impactful vision for social change in Saffron Walden. This grant exemplifies our commitment to fostering sustainable community development. The community allotment at Cornell Court not only addresses immediate challenges but also embodies shared values, fostering skill development, community integration, and a positive ripple effect beyond its roots." Commented Sally Powell Co-Chair of the Tees Better Future Fund.

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