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Probate solicitors and estate administration

Whatever you need to know about wills and probate we can help. Coping with someone’s death is stressful. We’re here to support you with sorting out the estate and getting probate.

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Estate administration solicitors: Expert legal advice

Death is never easy to cope with and sorting out the estate can be very stressful. We’re here to make it quicker and easier for you and there's no upfront fee. This is because our bill (known as the probate fee) is part of the costs that the estate must settle before the remaining assets are distributed.

Our specialist services include:

  • Probate services – includes sorting out issues associated with money, property, tax, obtaining the Grant of Probate and distributing the deceased person’s money and possessions after paying any taxes and debts.
  • Deeds of variation – to enable someone to give money that they have inherited in someone's will, to another person. 
  • International estate planning – managing any fixed assets you have abroad, such as a house. Our team of international probate solicitors help with: global wills, resealing foreign grants of representation, UK grants of representation of a foreign will and succession planning when you have assets abroad.

Wills, Trusts and Probate FAQ's

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Our specialist lawyers are based in:

  • Cambridgeshire: Cambridge
  • Essex: Brentwood, Chelmsford, and Saffron Walden
  • Hertfordshire: Bishop's Stortford and Royston 

But we can help you wherever you are in England and Wales.

Legal 500 UK 2021

‘Ian Johnston is extremely reliable and prompt in responding. He listens to clients requests and then provides bespoke solutions. Very good service‘.

Legal 500 UK 2021

‘I have worked with three individuals at Tees over the last two years, and have found them all to be friendly, kind, caring, knowledgeable and responsive. Catherine Mowat in particular.‘

Legal 500 UK 2021

‘I have always found this firm to be helpful and very professional when I have had to make an appointment with them. They make you feel like a friend who wants to give the best advice possible from the moment you go through their doors and then directing you to the person who can best help and advise on your needs.’

Legal 500 UK 2021

‘All of the private client team provide an outstanding service but we would single out Nicola Healy and John Southan for special mention. Both are quick to respond to our queries and have been supportive of client events we have hosted over the years. We are confident when referring clients to them that they will provide clear, concise and unbiased legal advice. We can’t fault them.'

Legal 500 UK 2021

‘I have dealt with Nicola Havers as executor on probate matters and as a trustee for a family trust - she operates with calmness, tact, and diplomacy. Nicola is an efficient case manager. She brings in additional specialist advisers at the appropriate stages to supplement her own advice.’

Legal 500 UK 2021

‘The team has been helpful to me and my late mother in a range of ways that I feel go above and beyond the strict job description. In particular, they responded very quickly to her when she wanted legal help urgently when she discovered she was terminally ill. As she died two weeks later, Tees’ quick and helpful response was a great gift to her and so to me.‘

When someone dies - frequently asked questions

What is a grant of representation?

This is a generic term covering official documentation that proves that you have the right to manage the estate of the deceased.  If there is a named executor, they usually submit an application for grant of probate.  If there is a valid Will but the named executors are unable or unwilling to act, then letters of administration with Will annexed will need to be obtained. If there was no will, then letters of administration will need to be obtained. Letters of administration with Will annexed and letters of administration serve similar function to that of the grant of probate. Grant of representation is the phrase that covers all three phrases. 

The document itself, and sometimes the process of getting it from the Court and using it to administer the estate, can often be referred to as probate.

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What is probate?

When someone dies, probate is the process of managing and passing on their property, money and other assets to others, once any debts, taxes and other costs have been paid. If the deceased person made a will, they will have named someone to carry out these tasks. That person is known as the Will's executor.

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Can I make a claim against an estate?

People who may be able to claim against an estate under the Inheritance Act 1975 include:

  • wife, husband or civil partner of the deceased
  • former wife, husband or civil partner of the deceased
  • unmarried cohabiting partner of the deceased 
  • biological children or grandchildren of the deceased
  • anyone who was financially dependent on the deceased.

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Can you contest a Will?

A Will can be contested on a number of grounds:

  • lack of capacity
  • undue influence
  • lack of knowledge and approval
  • invalid execution
  • the Will is a forgery or a result of fraud
  • mistake or drafting errors.
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Does the executor of a Will have the final say?

Once the basis of your claim has been notified to the executors and beneficiaries, the executors of the Will usually take a neutral position in respect of the claim, which is negotiated and progressed with the beneficiaries of the estate.

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Is it hard to contest a Will?

The basis on which a Will might be contested will depend on the particular circumstances.  Evidence might be gathered from witnesses, documents and/or experts.  A specialist solicitor will be able to represent you and advise as to how best to proceed. 

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