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Conveyancing solicitors, buying and selling your home

We are independent conveyancing solicitors with six offices across the East of England. We have years of specialist legal experience so you can rely on us to make sure every detail is just right. We know buying or selling a house can be stressful, so we work hard to make it as hassle-free as possible. We can also help with equity release, lease extensions and new-build property conveyancing.

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Property conveyancing solicitors

We have the practical expertise to help - whether you're buying your first house, moving home or expanding your buy-to-let portfolio. Our lawyers are members of the Law Society's Conveyancing quality scheme and will cover everything from organising the local searches, checking contracts and financial arrangements are in order through to completion.  If any problems come up, your conveyancer will tell you at the earliest opportunity and provide advice on the next steps.

Why choose an independent solicitor?

You can be sure an independent solicitor will always act in your best interests and not be swayed by the interests of an estate agent. 

Tees is proud to remain independent. Much of our work comes from word-of-mouth recommendations and we do not pay any estate agents for work. That means you can rely on us to give you unbiased, expert advice and ensure vital legal details are correct. We will resist pressure from other parties to rush things through that you -  our client - might regret later.

Remember you’re free to choose which solicitor you want to do your conveyancing. Be wary if anyone tells you that you are obliged to use the solicitors or conveyancers they put forward.

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Reasons to choose a local conveyancing solicitor

There are lots of conveyancers out there to choose from, including many internet-based conveyancing companies. Often, they may seem to be offering a cheaper service than a local firm of solicitors but take care with your choice of conveyancer because an online company may not be offering the same quality of service, with the same level of expertise and local knowledge, as a local firm of solicitors. 

Here are eight reasons to choose a local solicitor to do your conveyancing:

  1. keeping your money safe – there’s plenty of information about fraud prevention, but sadly, people still fall prey to criminal scammers and tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds can be lost. Conveyancing involves the transfer of immensely large sums of money and fraudsters try to intercept communications between solicitors and their clients. For example, they can send fake emails that look like they’ve come from the law firm, to induce the client to transfer money to a different account. If you have a local conveyancer, you can pop into the office to easily check all the banking details in person and so keep your money safe.  
  2. more experienced conveyancers - law firm conveyancers will generally have more experience and younger solicitors will have close supervision from senior solicitors. At Tees your matter will only ever be looked after by a qualified conveyancer. We aim to keep the process straightforward, but conveyancing can be tricky and difficulties can occur. If this happens, it’s vital you have an experienced professional on your side to fix things smoothly and efficiently.
  3. confidence from a personal meeting – buying or selling a house is probably the biggest financial transaction you’ll ever make, so why would you risk putting it in the hands of someone a long way away, whom you’ve never met? A local conveyancer is good for getting quick updates which are reassuring as sometimes buying and selling houses can be confusing and stressful. Calling in to the office for a chat can be an easy way to sort out any questions or worries.
  4. better value for money – most local solicitors will give you a comprehensive quote at the start. At Tees this is a fixed quote which won't unexpectedly go up if things take longer.
  5. more reliable – online companies can afford to charge less because they often use inexperienced staff who may not be qualified and who may be dealing with high volumes of clients. They won’t have local knowledge nor will they be on the lookout, on your behalf, for associated legal issues or things you need to think about.
  6. all-in-one legal service – local solicitors are keen to meet clients face-to-face as it helps them to understand your world better and help you more. For example, there may be implications for your will, or whether you should be joint tenants or tenants in common – which has implications for inheritance tax.  A lawyer can see the bigger picture and advise you accordingly. An online conveyancing business cannot help you with other legal issues.
  7. local knowledge is vital – the speed at which your transaction proceeds will likely be faster because local conveyancers will have professional relationships with the other parties such as estate agents and surveyors. Any problems associated with local conditions such as forthcoming development plans, flooding issues, rights of access etc. can be sorted out more efficiently by a local expert.
  8. benefitting from their local contacts – many local conveyancers will have a wide variety of local business contacts in the local business community such as surveyors, accountants, mortgage brokers which they will most likely be happy to put you in touch with.

At Tees we offer our own independent financial advice service so we can also help you with any associated financial questions relating to your property transaction, such as insurance or other aspects of your financial plans.

Why do I need a conveyancing solicitor?

Buying a house is the most expensive purchase most of us will ever make. There’s a lot to think about, sometimes things go wrong, and that can result in you losing out on a dream house or losing money. Our experts at Tees look into every detail and anticipate every pitfall, so you can be confident of a good outcome.

Property transactions are usually major financial decisions. Tees has its own independent financial advisers who can help you build stronger finances for your future and make the big decisions while looking at the whole picture.

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When you’re ready to make your move, call us to get a conveyancing quote.  We work on fixed fees so you have additional peace of mind.

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Our specialist lawyers are based in:

  • Cambridgeshire: Cambridge
  • Essex: Brentwood, Chelmsford, and Saffron Walden
  • Hertfordshire: Bishop's Stortford and Royston 

But we can help you wherever you are in England and Wales.

Independent financial advice for home buyers and homeowners

At Tees, we combine first class financial planning with high quality legal services. We realise how important buying and selling your home is. It’s likely to be the most important financial transaction you ever undertake, while also potentially being the most stressful.

That’s why accessing the right financial expertise is critical. Whether you’re planning to buy your first home, move house or simply move your mortgage, we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to help. We provide holistic financial planning and as we are not connected to any one provider, we can offer a whole of market approach for the range of products upon which we can advise.

Financial protection for your family

Your house is likely to be the most expensive thing you will ever buy and your mortgage is likely to be the biggest financial commitment that you ever make. So, it stands to reason that you’ll want to make sure you protect yourself and your home should the worst happen.

Life insurance

Life insurance is designed to provide a lump sum in the event of your death within the mortgage term. It allows your partner or family to repay your mortgage and you can also ensure that there is an additional lump sum available to meet other expenses.

Income protection insurance 

Income protection insurance is designed to replace your income in the event of illness or accident. It pays a monthly amount for either a fixed period or until you return to work. It also replaces part of the income you have lost through not being able to work.

Critical illness cover

If you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition, critical illness cover can provide a tax-free lump sum to repay your mortgage. You can also ensure that there is an additional lump sum available to meet other expenses while you undergo treatment. It covers serious conditions such as cancer, stroke or heart attack. 

If you would like to find out more about insurance linked to your house purchase, contact us today.

More than house-buying

As with all our services, our focus is making things easy for you and ensuring you enjoy a joined up approach.  We are able to advise you on a wide range of additional related areas including:

Residential conveyancing - frequently asked questions

Can a solicitor act for both the buyer and the seller, or the landlord and the tenant?

There are very limited circumstances when the same firm of solicitors can act for both the buyer and the seller, or the landlord and the tenant. The Solicitors Regulation Authority Code of Conduct 2011 (SRACC 2011) sets out a number of strict rules in connection with the proper handling of conflicts of interests between clients. A firm must never act where there is a potential conflict or a significant risk of conflict. This is to ensure that the solicitor only acts in your best interest. Tees has a dedicated compliance team who regularly assess the potential conflict of interest in matters on which we are instructed. 

Can a solicitor act for my bank as well as me in a transaction?

The Solicitors Regulation Authority Code of Conduct 2011 (SRACC 2011) suggests that a firm should only act for both the lender and the borrower in the following circumstances:

·         if the mortgage is on standard terms

·         it is able to act in the client’s best interests

·         the certificate of title required by the lender is in the form approved by the Law Society and UK Finance.

It is essential that there are no potential conflicts of interest. 

Does a solicitor need to have the deeds to a property if I want to sell it?

If your property has been registered at the Land Registry, a record of ownership is filed digitally online and this can be downloaded. If they are available, it is always helpful to have the deeds as they may contain useful information that may not have been registered. However, if the property is unregistered a solicitor will always need to see the physical title deeds to establish proof of ownership.

What is Stamp Duty Land Tax?

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is a form of tax which you may be required to pay if you buy, or in some circumstances rent, a property or land in England or Northern Ireland. The amount due (if any) will depend on the purchase price. If you are renting, the amount due will depend on the length of the term, level of rental and whether or not VAT is charged on the rent. If SDLT is payable on the transaction, you will be asked to complete a SDLT return. This will need to be submitted to HMRC, together with the amount payable within 14 days of completion, otherwise you will be liable to pay a penalty fee.  Your solicitor will be able to file the return on your behalf.

Do I need an Energy Performance Certificate for my property?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required by law when a property is built, is being sold or rented out. There is a duty to commission an EPC before the property is put on the market. It shows information about the energy efficiency of a property, including the property’s energy use and typical energy cost. The certificate also provides an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and is valid for a period of up to 10 years. If a commercial property is let, a landlord is required by law to have a minimum EPC rating of “E” and may need to make improvements to the property until this has been achieved. 

There are certain types of property which are exempt from needing an EPC. These include those which do not have a roof or do not have walls, those which use no energy to condition the indoor climate, religious properties and buildings earmarked for demolition.

Should I have my property surveyed before renting or buying it?

Having a property surveyed before buying or renting is highly advisable. It can give you a good idea of the condition of the property and highlight problems which you may otherwise not know about. Commercial tenants should be particularly wary when entering into a lease. This is because the lease may contain repairing obligations that require a tenant to give a property back to the landlord fully in repair. This may be the case even if the tenant was not responsible for any damage, or the property was not in a good state of repair at the start of the tenancy. Your solicitor will advise that you try to limit these obligations. 

Are there any risks in buying a property at auction?

There are many risks that come with buying a property at auction. If the property seems like a bargain, there is probably good reason for it. It is strongly recommended you ask a solicitor to check through the legal pack in the weeks leading up to the auction date, as well as getting a survey done in case of structural or other issues.  You should be conscious of the fact that on the ‘fall of the hammer’, exchange of contracts takes place, which is a legally binding contract between the buyer and the seller. This is often misunderstood. You will be committed to proceed with the purchase in accordance with the terms of the contract, if your bid is successful. 

Is Land Registry legal proof of ownership?

The Land Registry is considered to be conclusive evidence of ownership of a property. This means that the person or entity listed as the owner in the Land Registry is legally considered to be the owner of the property, and their ownership rights will be recognized by the government and courts. However, it's worth noting that this may vary depending on the jurisdiction, and in some cases, additional legal steps may be required to establish ownership.

What our clients say

Brenda Green

Bishop's Stortford

I wanted to say a big thank you to you Catherine and your team at Bishop's Stortford for your most impressive and responsive service in helping things go smoothly. I've sold a few houses over the years but never had the benefit of such a good conveyancing service and without your help I have a feeling that things would have progressed very slowly. I'm looking to buy my next house very soon and will certainly be knocking on your door again!

Mr and Mrs W


I would like to thank Kirsten and Pat for your excellent professional service in this transaction on our behalf and which further cements an already strong relationship with your firm, which we have experienced over the years, both on a personal and professional basis.

Mr Hugh Birley


We've been clients of Tees all our lives, and my grandmother and great-grandfather before me. We've been looked after by the ever-efficient Allan Wright, Cathy Izzard and Eleanor Worby. Each of them have been efficient, effective, pleasant to deal with and unfazed by our disorganisation!

Mr and Mrs Baker


Thank you for the excellent service and for dealing so promptly with matters as they arose. We felt that the three of you made an excellent team and were impressed that each of you knew precisely the stage we were at, when we telephoned or wrote to you.

Hilary and John Curley


I just wanted to say a big thank you for the help and practical support and advice you gave throughout what was a protracted selling experience! With a difficult buyer, it was only your level headed advice and direction that stopped me from pulling out at what would have been the wrong time!

Mr Clark


My house purchase was fraught with issues and delays. Natacha did an amazing job at keeping things going, indeed our seller's estate agent said that he had never seen a solicitor work so hard for so long to make sure a deal went through. She has been amazing and kept me informed throughout.

Mr. and Mrs. P


Thank you to you and your team for assisting us with both our purchase and sale. You and your team have been the most professional and efficient team we have ever come across and given that we both deal with conveyancers on a regular basis it is a real testimony to you.

David Marsh

Bishop's Stortford

I was always kept informed of the progress of the transaction by the friendly and efficient Conveyancing Team at Tees. There was always someone available to answer my questions. All in all, a service well worth the very reasonable fee. Thank you very much Tees for a stress-free process.

Mr Lawrance Lucas

Hunsdon, Herts

I'm very grateful for the professional service that everyone at Tees has shown me: Cathy Izzard who drew up my late mother’s Will and obtained probate; Toni Chalmers-Smith for care fees planning and Allan Wright for the conveyancing. They're knowledgeable, approachable and have empathy.
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