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Later life planning

Start planning now to give you and your family a better future. Our specialist legal and financial advisers cover: pensions and investment advice, equity release, powers of attorney, making a will, care fees planning and gifting money to children.

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Later life planning services

At Tees our lawyers and independent financial advisers work together. This gives you a joined-up view of your plans for your future and you can get everything organised in one go.

Our later life planning specialists work across the full range of services:

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney – choosing someone you trust to act in your best interests to make decisions on your behalf if you're no longer able to make decisions for yourself – about your health or your money. 
  • Making a Will – or update a current one.  This is key to making sure your wishes are carried out after your death.
  • Court of protection and deputyships – a complex process of legal steps to protect vulnerable people. A deputy makes decisions on a person’s behalf. Many of our solicitors have themselves been appointed professional deputies and understand what it means to be responsible for people who can’t make their own decisions. 
  • Financial and succession planning - inheritance tax planning, business property or agricultural property relief and trust administration, including investment advice. We work with your other professional advisers, such as accountants for a joined up plan. 
  • Pension advice - tax-free lump sums, retiring early and the different types of pensions - personal, stakeholder, SIPP (self-invested personal pensions), workplace, additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) – and pension transfers.
  • Independent investment advice – advising on your investment strategy to support you and your family in later life.  
  • Equity release – advising you on the right financial product for you to obtain funds from the capital value of property.  
  • Long-term care fees planning – our independent financial advisers are accredited by Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA) and understand all aspects of funding care for older people or those with health needs.
  • Gifting money to children – advice on how to giving regular payments to children and others.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of having a will?

The benefits of having a properly written will include:

  • You choose who inherits from your estate
  • You can choose someone to trust to administer your estate
  • Your family know what your wishes are
  • Gives the opportunity for estate and inheritance tax planning and management 
  • Makes appropriate provisions for minors or dependents 
  • Assists your estate in the event that the will is contested.

Can I write my own Will?

Yes, it is possible to write your own will (sometimes called a ‘DIY will’) however it is not advisable that you do so. Wills are complex legal documents, and in order for a will to be considered valid after you die, it must comply with strict rules.

Can you override a Lasting Power of Attorney?

You might have grounds to object to the registration of a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) if: 

  • you can prove the LPA isn’t legally valid
  • the person who made the LPA (the ‘donor’) didn’t have mental capacity
  • there was forgery or fraud in creation of the LPA
  • the attorney is bankrupt
  • the attorney isn’t acting in the donor’s best interests.

What are lifetime gifts?

Lifetime gifts are assets you give away before you die. Examples of lifetime gifts include:

  • money
  • investments
  • artwork
  • cars
  • jewellery
  • shares in a business 
  • payments to a life assurance policy that is not for your benefit or does not pay out to your estate 

If you survive the gift by seven years or more, then it is not normally subject to inheritance tax when you die. It is important that you do not retain any benefit of the gift, or inheritance tax will be due. Gifts that you make within seven years of your death may be subject to inheritance tax.  Transfers into Trusts are also subject to the seven year rule, however the inheritance tax position is more complex and legal advice should be obtained. 

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