Commercial contracts

Well-written legal contracts help to protect your businesses and save a lot of headaches. Get yourself expert legal help to make sure your contracts are sound and working in your favour.

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Legal contracts for business

Most businesses rely on commercial contracts to formalise their relationship with customers and other businesses. Your contract sets out what you can expect from one another, and what your obligations and responsibilities are. Because contracts are legally enforceable, it's vital that you can rely on them to look after your interests. The legislation which regulates contracts is complex and extensive and there’s a lot of case law that needs to be considered. We’ll give you everything you need to ensure your contract is enforceable in court, should it ever come to that. It pays to get an expert on your side.

Expert support for businesses

Tees suports a diverse range of clients, from local businesses to large corporations. Our commercial contracts solicitors have the expertise and breadth of experience to give you the best possible advice. We protect your business by drilling down into the detail of your contracts. We'll identify any potential problems at an early stage - and put them right - so you can avoid risks, costs and disruption, before they arise.

Contracts save you money

Investing in a well-drafted contract at the start could save you a lot of money down the line. It’s easier to enforce a contract if it’s well drafted and includes sufficient protections. That might save you a lot of time, lawyers fees or worse, losing out in a dispute over a contract.

Our services include:

Reviewing contracts: if you’ve received a draft contract, we can review it for you and identify any possible risks for you. We can propose and draft amendments for you, to protect your business interests.

Drafting a contract: if you’re issuing a contract, we can draft it for you and advise on what to include, specific wording and how to use the contract to achieve your objectives. 

Negotiating terms in a contract: we can negotiate amendments with the other party’s solicitor for you. We can also offer practical advice on particular things to be aware of when negotiating contracts. 

Fully integrated legal service

The specialists in our business legal team are experienced in all aspects of business law and you can also be assured of a comprehensive and joined-up service with Tees. Our commercial team can call on the expertise of colleagues across our organisation, for example in employment lawcommercial propertylitigation and business finance

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