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Corporate law

Our corporate law team of specialist business solicitors provide advice on: commercial contracts, company formations, restructuring, GDPR, shareholders and joint venture agreements, licensing, franchise and distribution agreements.

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Solicitors dealing with company law

Our team advises a diverse range of clients, including companies, partnerships, sole-traders and start-ups. We are transparent and up-front about our fees, so you will have a clear picture of costs from the start of the legal process. 

Our corporate team regularly advises clients on high-value and complex transactions. Recent successes for our business clients include:

  • £15 million bank financing for a property developer
  • Handling an £24 million share acquisition for a haulage company
  • £8 million share sale of a high profile leisure and lifestyle facility.

Breaking into new markets

If you work with others to break into new markets, you’ll need a specialist commercial lawyer to help you get the agreements right.  We can help with:

  • distribution agreements - you sell your products to a distributor and they sell them on to new customers in a new area
  • agency agreements – paying an agent to find customers in new markets for you
  • licensing agreements – you give others the right to use your assets (e.g. your brand on their products) in return for a fee
  • franchise agreements - selling the right to use your business model and products or services to another to the franchisee, who gets to work with a known brand and its goodwill.

Our Corporate law services include:

Commercial contracts – you’ll need a contract lawyer to review, draft or negotiate these vital documents which set out your obligations and responsibilities. It's vital to get the contracts right so you can rely on them to look after your interests.

Company formation – we help you to decide on the best structure for the business and sort out all the legal details for you, from incorporation to formal documentation.

Restructuring – if you need to make changes we can have commercial solicitors who are experts in mergers and demergers, purchase of own shares, capital reduction and management buy-ins and buy-outs.

IT law – we help you to negotiate IT contracts to ensure clarity about service levels, scope of projects, costs, deadlines and ownership of the end product.  Examples of IT projects which need a contract include: web hosting agreements, software licence agreements, cloud computing arrangements and software development agreements.

Data protection – The recent introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) left business owners in no doubt that the personal data a business holds is strictly controlled by complex data protection laws. Our specialist data protection solicitors help you to be sure that your business complies with the regulations.

Intellectual Property –it’s a vital business asset. We help you make the most of your valuable intellectual property assets such as trademarks, patents, copyrights to confidential information and specialised know-how.

Outsourcing – we make sure you have a rock-solid contract with your suppliers, to reduce the risk to your business.  You need to consider things such as the quality standard, price, staffing levels and how you transition away from the agreement at the end, perhaps to another supplier. 

Shareholders and joint venture agreements - we can help draw them up so it’s clear how the relationship between the shareholders will work. We cover issues such as: the right to appoint directors, voting rights, dividend policy, transfer of shares and succession.

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