Tees celebrates collaborative initiative Breaking Down Barriers to Law

In a groundbreaking move towards fostering social mobility in the legal sector, Tees proudly announces its active participation in the first phase of the Breaking Down Barriers to Law initiative, unveiled today (Tuesday 27 February) at the parliamentary launch.

The Breaking Down Barriers to Law: Phase 1 report, is a product of collaborative efforts by the Purpose Coalition and a consortium of leading law firms and signifies the initial stage of a comprehensive action plan to enhance social mobility within the industry. This strategic approach focuses on four critical areas: outreach, access, recruitment, and progression, addressing challenges faced by individuals from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds. Tees, alongside other leading firms, delved into these focus areas during roundtable workshops, exploring challenges and sharing effective measures implemented to overcome them.

Highlighting best practices from around the country, participating law firms, including Tees, have showcased initiatives such as outreach activities to primary and secondary schools and name-blind recruitment practices. These efforts collectively contribute to dismantling barriers and providing a more equitable playing field for all aspiring legal professionals.

The collaborative discussions have resulted in a set of recommendations for both short and long-term actions. Short-term goals include establishing outreach links with educational institutions in social mobility cold spots and implementing data collection mechanisms to ensure fair progression at all levels. Long-term recommendations encompass the development of a collective social media campaign demystifying the legal sector and providing additional support resources for apprentices, trainees, and paralegals.

Hannah Burling, Director of People, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "Being part of Breaking Down Barriers to Law is an incredible opportunity for us to make a tangible impact on social mobility in the legal sector. We are committed to creating pathways for individuals from diverse backgrounds to thrive and succeed in the legal profession."

Ashton Hunt, Group Managing Director at Tees, added, "This collaborative effort exemplifies our commitment to positive change. We believe that a more inclusive legal sector benefits everyone, and we are eager to contribute to the ongoing success of this initiative."

The Right Honourable Justine Greening expressed pride in the Breaking Down Barriers to Law Taskforce, emphasising the impactful collaboration among participating firms. Acknowledging the challenges faced by the legal sector in addressing social mobility, she commended the dedication to positive change and highlighted the significance of continued collaboration and partnership.

Chair of the Breaking Down Barriers Commission, Nick Forbes CBE, noted the positive impact of partnership efforts in the Breaking Down Barriers to Law project. Forbes recently highlighted the laser-like focus on essential elements crucial for creating inclusive career pathways, encouraging other legal sector entities to consider similar steps for fostering equality of opportunity.

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