Assistance for Insolvency Practitioners

Supporting insolvency practitioners throughout the insolvency process by providing legal expertise, representation, and strategic advice across a range of complex legal and regulatory issues.

Our specialist solicitors can assist an insolvency practitioner (IP) in several ways, especially in navigating the legal complexities surrounding insolvency proceedings. Here are some ways in which Tees can help an insolvency practitioner:

Legal advice and guidance: provide valuable advice and guidance to insolvency practitioners on matters of law, regulations, and procedures relevant to insolvency cases. We can help interpret and apply complex legal principles to specific situations.

Documentation and legal drafting: insolvency proceedings often involve a significant amount of documentation, including contracts, agreements, court filings, and notices. Our team can assist in drafting, reviewing, and finalising these documents to ensure they comply with legal requirements and accurately represent the interests of the insolvency practitioner and the parties involved.

Representation in Court: in certain situations, insolvency proceedings may require court appearances or litigation. We can represent the insolvency practitioner in court hearings, presenting arguments and advocating for their client's position before the judge or tribunal.

Negotiation and settlement: We can negotiate with creditors, debtors, and other parties involved in the insolvency process to reach favourable settlements or agreements. We can also help devise strategies to maximize recoveries for creditors or mitigate liabilities for insolvent entities.

Security validation: ensuring security is valid and providing advice upon the scope of any fixed charge.

Compliance and regulatory matters: insolvency practitioners must comply with various legal and regulatory requirements throughout the insolvency process. Our experts can help ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and codes of practice governing insolvency proceedings, thereby minimising the risk of legal challenges or sanctions.

Asset recovery and investigation: in cases involving fraud, misconduct, or asset dissipation, we can assist insolvency practitioners in conducting investigations, tracing assets, and pursuing recovery actions against culpable parties. We can employ legal mechanisms such as freezing injunctions, asset preservation orders, and recovery proceedings to safeguard and recover assets for the benefit of creditors.

Advisory Services: we can advise insolvency practitioners on various issues, including restructuring options, debtor-creditor relationships, director duties and liabilities, and risk management strategies. Our expertise can help insolvency practitioners make informed decisions that optimize outcomes for all stakeholders.

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