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Expert legal advice for directors in financial distress. Navigate insolvency with confidence, and minimise risks. Trust our support for informed decisions.

Our team can provide invaluable legal expertise and support to directors navigating financial distress or insolvency. We can assist you in making well-informed choices and minimising potential risks at every step.

Here’s how our insolvency expert solicitors can help directors:

Legal advice and compliance: advise directors on their legal obligations and duties under insolvency law, ensuring they comply with all relevant regulations and avoid personal liability for any breaches.

Assessment of options: assess the company's financial situation and help directors understand the available options, such as restructuring, refinancing, administration, or liquidation. We can guide the most appropriate course of action based on the company's circumstances. 

Negotiation with creditors: negotiate with creditors on behalf of the directors to try to reach agreements for repayment plans, debt restructuring or other arrangements to help alleviate financial pressure and avoid insolvency.

Administration or liquidation procedures: if the company needs to enter administration or liquidation, we can guide directors through the process, including preparing the necessary documentation, liaising with insolvency practitioners and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. 

Protection of directors' interests: we can help directors protect their personal interests during insolvency proceedings, including advising on potential liability risks, defending against wrongful trading allegations and ensuring proper disclosure of information to stakeholders. 

Employee rights: if the company faces insolvency, we can advise directors on their obligations to employees, including redundancy payments and compliance with employment law.

Litigation and dispute resolution: when disputes arise with creditors, shareholders, or other parties during insolvency proceedings, we can represent directors in negotiations or litigation to resolve conflicts and protect their interests.

Restructuring and turnaround strategies: we can assist directors in developing and implementing restructuring or turnaround strategies to return the company to financial stability and avoid insolvency.

Director disqualification:  advise upon and defending disqualification proceedings brought by the secretary of state/ insolvency service.

Our team can provide invaluable legal expertise and support to directors navigating financial distress or insolvency, helping you make informed decisions and mitigate risks.

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