Confidential information and restrictive covenants in employment

Restrictive covenants can help protect your commercial interests when key employees leave the business. We can set them up for you.

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Restrictive covenants can help to limit who employees can approach and/or what they can do, even after they leave the business.

Once an employee leaves the business, they may set up in competition and approach your clients and suppliers if you do not have effective restrictions to prevent them from doing so. You might, for example, want to protect your customer database, trade secrets or intellectual property. We can help to cover this.

We advise on all types of restrictions, including:

  • Non-competing restrictions
  • Non-soliciting (of customers, clients or employees) restrictions
  • Confidentiality restrictions
  • Non-dealing restrictions

How restrictive covenants protect businesses

Restrictive covenants can help you minimise the risk of long-term damage to your business – both by protecting business assets, and your client base. In extreme cases, such losses can affect the solvency of the business.

Restrictive covenants can help strengthen and secure your business. To find out how they can work for you, call us on 0800 0131165.

Breach of restrictive covenants

If your business has suffered a significant loss due to breach of a restrictive covenant, call us. We will advise on the best way forward, which may mean recovering your losses or preventing further damage to your business. If necessary, we can secure an injunction and consider high court proceedings.

How we work with you

It’s vital that any restrictive covenant is properly drafted, and legally enforceable. We will draft restrictions which protect your company’s interests – whilst being fair on any employees. The courts do not like to see employees being restrained unnecessarily, and our solicitors have the practical experience to find the right balance.

Protecting your business

To help protect your valuable business assets, we will:

  • Ensure any employment contracts and/or restrictive covenants are properly drafted
  • Advise on your options if restrictive covenants/post-termination restrictions have been breached
  • Represent you in pursuing an injunction and any Civil Court proceedings.

Our fair, balanced approach is tailored around the needs of our corporate clients. Our specialist team have the practical experience, and legal insight, to proactively anticipate possible risks to your business - and protect against them.

Our costs

We deliver costs transparently, and we always discuss legal costs at the outset. We can agree our level of involvement to be commensurate with your budget, and we may be able to agree fixed fees or capped fees in certain cases.

What to do next

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