Post nuptial agreement

A post nuptial agreement can protect your family and finances if you get divorced or dissolve your civil partnership.

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A post nuptial agreement sets out how assets are to be split if the couple divorce. Post nuptial agreements protect you, and your family, if your marriage or civil partnership ends. They’re designed to help people split finances and property fairly and, if you have children, ensure their welfare is put first. They are particularly useful if you’ve previously separated from your partner, and want to protect your assets if you get divorced.

Are post nuptial agreements legally enforceable? 

Yes - a family law solicitor can help you create a legally valid agreement. A properly-written post nuptial agreement may be upheld by the Court, if it meets the Court’s requirements. The agreement should be fair, accounting for the needs of both partners and any children from the relationship. An unfair post nuptial agreement, which may leave one partner in financial need, should not be upheld by the Court.

Post nuptial agreements are complex legal documents, and it is best to take advice from an expert family law solicitor. A solicitor will prepare a legally valid document that provides for both partners fairly and considers the needs of any children you have.

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Post nuptial agreements FAQs

What is a post nuptial agreement?

A post nuptial agreement is a legal document which sets out how a couple’s assets should be divided if they get divorced. Couples can enter into a post nuptial agreement any time after they have married or entered into a civil partnership.

What can be included in a post nuptial agreement?

Post nuptial agreements usually cover things like:

  • Finances, including financial support
  • Pensions, investments and other significant assets
  • Business interests.

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