Tees Better Future Fund Grants £5,000 to New Meaning Foundation's Transformative Work

The Tees Better Future Fund proudly announces its recent grant of £5,000 to the New Meaning Foundation (NMF), based in Cambridgeshire. This grant marks the second funding round, and NMF is among the four community projects selected to receive support.

Founded in 2012, the New Meaning Foundation focuses on 'building strengths, building futures, and building lives.' NMF provides patient, person-centred vocational and educational training for individuals aged 14 and above. What sets them apart is their commitment to working with those who may not fit into traditional educational structures due to neurodivergence, learning disabilities, mental health issues, or other adversities.

NMF's innovative approach includes offering on-the-job construction skills training for their learners by building modular homes to rehouse homeless people. NMF offers courses in plumbing and carpentry, creating opportunities for individuals to gain meaningful employment.

The Tees Better Future Fund grant of £5,000 will specifically support the plumbing courses by providing funds for specialist plumbing tools and equipment. This includes blow torches, pressure testing systems, and essential plumbing techniques. The grant ensures that learners receive the best training experience, matching or exceeding that of a traditional college environment.

“The people we work with have a tough time lifting themselves out of hardship. We are delighted to have been awarded this grant. It is going to have a direct impact on supporting four trainees to build their skills and resilience to lift their trajectory and achieve better long-term outcomes.” says John Evans, CEO of New Meaning Foundation.

The grant will facilitate the purchase of sufficient tools and equipment to enable learners to undertake tasks individually or in small groups, promoting effective peer-to-peer learning. This approach is particularly beneficial for young, underconfident, or anxious learners, fostering confidence and self-esteem.

The plumbing course curriculum includes a comprehensive range of topics, from health and safety specific to plumbing work to practical construction skills and personal well-being in construction. The grant-supported carpentry and joinery course covers live build work experience, teamwork, health and safety, sustainability, and the use of portable power tools.

"This grant serves as a transformative key, unlocking access to high-quality training and essential tools for New Meaning Foundation’s resilient learners who have overcome diverse challenges. It propels them towards a future filled with success and achievement," underscores Sally Powell, Co-Chair of the Tees Better Future Fund.

New Meaning Foundation's unique offering includes work experience on live modular build and home refurbishment projects. The positive impact of this grant extends beyond skills development. It provides a chance for learners to give back to society through construction, benefiting both the community and the trainees themselves. The routine established through regular attendance and the joy of studying something they enjoy will prepare learners for future employment.

New Meaning Foundation expresses gratitude to the Tees Better Future Fund for their generous support. This grant will not only enhance the learning experience for current trainees but also pave the way for more individuals to embark on a positive path in life.

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