How can I help you?

I have been doing clinical negligence work for many years and am very passionate about my work. I have over the years, successfully obtained millions of pounds of compensation for my clients.

You can read about two of my cases here:

Clinical negligence claims by their very nature can be complex. My clinical experience and natural grasp of medical issues makes it easier for me to understand the plight of my clients and to explain to them the important medico-legal issues in their case. I find it easy to interpret the conclusions of medical experts to my clients using plain language.
I have experience in all types of clinical negligence claims.  I do however have an especial interest in all obstetric claims to include:

  • Childbirth injury claims to include - cerebral palsy;
  • Erbs palsy – as a result of shoulder dystocia
  • Wrongful birth claims 

I have in depth knowledge of the standard of care that should be given to a woman throughout her pregnancy and childbirth. I understand the clinical situations in which claims resulting from negligence at or around the time of birth may arise. I conduct these claims with the empathy and sensitivity that they deserve. Litigation involving injured children is normally protracted because it is necessary to have a good idea as to what the future is likely to be for an injured child and this is not normally possible until the child reaches a certain age. In most situations families face enormous financial strain as a result of looking after an injured child. My aim is to, as soon as is possible, get to a point where an interim payment is made to the family so that the financial burden on the family can be lessened prior to the final settlement being reached.

I also have interest in:

  • Cancer cases -  misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis;
  • Negligent surgery cases.

I have a wealth of experience in conducting cancer cases. I understand the emotional turmoil that clients go through when faced with a life threatening disease such as cancer, the more so where with proper and early treatment the outcome would have been better. I conduct these claims with speed without compromising quality so that my clients can be compensated as quickly as possible to enable them to get on with their lives.

People have surgery in order to have put right, what will have gone wrong. It is therefore quite traumatic for a client to then find out that that surgery has worsened their condition. Negligent surgical errors unfortunately breach the trust that patients have for their doctors. I have vast experience in conducting botched surgery claims and have successfully settled many cases. In most cases, obtaining compensation alone is not sufficient to a client who finds her/himself in this situation. I also ensure that my clients get an apology at the end of the claim.

I am happy to discuss your potential case with you at a time and place convenient for you.


What do my clients say about me?

“You took me through what would otherwise have been a very difficult process with absolute professionalism, calmness and understanding. I knew I was in good hands from the first day you talked to me about my case. I had absolute trust in your ability and was happy to sit back and watch you going about your work”


What else should you know?

I read Law at Kings College London and qualified as a solicitor after training at London based firm Leigh Day & Co. After qualifying as a solicitor I worked in their Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury and Human Rights teams. I later moved to Parabis Law where I was involved with the setting up and running of the claimant Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury team. My next career move was a move to McMillan Williams Solicitors where I was appointed a Partner.

Prior to embarking on my legal career, I worked in the banking sector and thereafter acquired nursing and midwifery qualifications.


My areas of expertise

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I needed assistance with a claim for a serious medical incident that took place without my consent. With Tees, I was immediately put at ease. I was very happy with the end result and would recommend Tees to anyone needing help with a medical negligence claim.



Thank you seems inadequate for the very conscientious way you've helped me. To be treated with such unbelievable kindness and generosity of spirit is, I think, hard to find in any profession today. I feel truly privileged to have known you. I'll never forget you and will forever be grateful.

Ms M.K


I cannot thank Gwyneth enough, she was so friendly, kind and took the time to explain everything so that I understood every aspect of my case. She was sympathetic to areas that were sensitive to me and made the whole process, which could have been painful completing, easy for me.

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