Workplace dispute resolution & mediation service

Resolving disputes at work is easier with Tees by your side. Our experts provide specialist support for employers experiencing disputes with employees.

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Katherine Jameson, employment law specialist in Bishop's Stortford Settlement agreement solicitor

Specialist dispute resolution and mediation solicitors

Disputes at work come in many forms – from disagreements over smoking breaks, to allegations of bullying and harassment or claims for unfair dismissal. We also advise on claims by employers against staff who have taken their information or set up in competition. We can represent you in the tribunals or higher courts, including bringing or defending industrial applications. All disputes have the potential to disrupt your business.

Tees regularly guides employers through complex dispute cases. We will help you resolve any dispute as quickly, and efficiently, as possible through mediation and conciliation. 

How we work with you

At Tees, our experienced team has the practical knowledge to help you intervene and diffuse even the most heated disputes. We will help you find a resolution. At all times, our priority is to minimise disruption to your business.

Mediation service

Mediation is a flexible dispute resolution service. It is a highly effective means of resolving disputes, even in situations where litigation is not on the table. Mediation typically takes half a day or a day, avoiding the cost and aggravation of litigation. 

Our team can use mediation to help you:

  • Resolve workplace disputes
  • Rebuild teams divided by personality differences
  • Help managers improve their management styles
  • Settle tribunal claims.

Mediation can provide a resolution in situations where other types of dispute resolution have failed. To see if mediation is right for you, call us on 0800 0131165.

Resolving disputes

Our specialist employment law team has a wealth of experience guiding a wide range of businesses, of all sizes and across all sectors. We can assist you by:

  • Helping you understand, manage and resolve a complaint/grievance 
  • Working with you to find realistic and practical solutions to the complaint suitable for your business sector 
  • Proposing conciliation techniques and mediation to help resolve the issues 
  • Developing action plans and conduct and behavioural protocols.

What to do next

If you need to resolve a workplace dispute, the specialist team at Tees can help you manage it efficiently and minimise disruption to the rest of your business.  Call us now for a confidential discussion about how we can help.

Call our Employment Law solicitors on 0800 0131165

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