Collaborative law

It can be possible to make your divorce something you work on mutually with your spouse, as opposed to against them. We have the experts who can help you.

What is collaborative law?

Collaborative law is when a couple decide not to go to court to settle their differences and instead each appoint a specialist, collaboratively-trained family lawyer to help them find a resolution, with a commitment not to go to court.

The process begins with you, your partner and your solicitors signing a 'participation agreement’. This legally binding document says that you will all work together and come to a final agreement on your divorce.

A less combative process

This is different to more traditional negotiations or mediation in that it focuses on mutual support and encouragement. For example, the collaborative lawyers are trained to diffuse conflict and to help you and your partner talk face to face. The lawyers also work as a team to guide you both in these discussions (called four-way meetings), giving you advice, making suggestions, testing options and steering you towards an agreement. Other expert advisers might also be able to attend the meeting to give extra assistance.

A couple of points to bear in mind about collaborations are that you should not see it as a soft option, especially as it means you still have to disclose your full financial circumstances, and because you have signed the agreement you cannot then go to court should you fail to find a resolution.

Otherwise, collaboration gives you control of a process where each side works together to reach a result you are both happy with. This way you can avoid the lengthy, painful and expensive experience of going to court.

Is collaboration right for me?

Collaboration isn’t suitable for everybody, but here at Tees our team of specialist solicitors will let you know whether they think it might be right for you. All our collaborative solicitors have a lot of experience and expertise in every area of family law, so they are well able to road-test potential agreement options.

This in-depth strength and commitment to supporting you are the keys to finding a legally binding result that works for you – and we have an excellent track record of successful collaborations.

Fixed-Fee divorce

We also offer collaborative law with a fixed-fee pricing structure. This helps you keep costs down and concentrate on the issues that really matter.

Tees’ family law collaboration  service covers divorce settlements, financial provision for children, and property and inheritance issues. The Tees team has the practical experience to guide you through any situation, no matter how complex. You can count on us to listen to you at every step, so that you get the best possible result.

What to do next

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