Family law arbitration

In family arbitration, a solicitor helps you and your former partner agree a final, legally binding divorce settlement.

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Family law arbitration solicitors: Expert legal advice

Our expert divorce arbitration lawyers can help you with the full range of issues relating to divorce, financial and property disputes or child-related issues. You can rely on us to listen to you throughout the process, so that you get the best possible result.

Three main advantages of arbitration

The main advantages of arbitration during divorce are:

  • it protects your privacy - this is because arbitration is confidential because the courts aren't involved. Everything you agree, or talk about, stays between you, your ex-partner and your solicitors.
  • keeps you in control of your divorce - arbitration is flexible and designed to work around you. You can pick your own arbitrator; if you go through the courts, you can’t pick the judge! The deadlines, timetable and issues to resolve are completely defined by you and your former partner.
  • it’s cheaper and faster than other options - arbitration gives you a lot of choices, so it can help you save money on legal fees. It's also generally quicker than going through the court process.
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If you want a lawyer to take a closer look at your situation,  our family and divorce lawyers are based in:

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Divorce arbitration FAQs

What is family law arbitration?

Arbitration is a way of resolving dispute – whether in relation to finances or arrangements for children.  An independent arbitrator (like a judge) is appointed jointly by the parties to adjudicate on the points in dispute.  The arbitrator’s decision/adjudication is called an ‘award’, which will be binding on the parties. 

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How does the family law arbitration process work?

Once parties have agreed to enter into arbitration, the first step will be to agree an arbitrator. An arbitrator is a family lawyer (a specialist family law solicitor or barrister) who is qualified to sit as an arbitrator. The arbitrator will set the steps to be taken and the timetable.  Both parties may have solicitors to advise them during the process and either a solicitor or a barrister to represent them at the arbitration (akin to a court hearing before the arbitrator).

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When is arbitration suitable?

Families can agree to use arbitration from the outset or even after court proceedings have started.  It can be used to resolve disputes about finances and child arrangements.

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