Age discrimination advice for businesses

Tees provides support for businesses on every aspect of age discrimination. Our specialists regularly represent employers in age discrimination claims.

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Specialist support for employers

Discriminating against an employee, or a job applicant, because of their age may be unlawful under the Equality Act 2010. We guide businesses through the complex issues surrounding age discrimination considerations, including employer justified retirement age. We can help you whether you need support writing policy documents, dealing with a grievance or representation at a tribunal with ACAS or during negotiations.

We can help you act quickly and strategically if an employee makes a discrimination claim against your business. At Tees, we understand how a discrimination complaint (whether internal or external) can affect your business, so we’ll work with you to manage the situation. We will advise you on the best course of action to take, so you can minimise potential risks.

If you need business support on a discrimination issue, call our discrimination law solicitors on 0800 0131165

How we work with you

Without proper legal support, age discrimination claims can pose a significant risk to your business. Tees can help you navigate this complex area of the law, and protect your business interests throughout.

We can help your business take proactive steps against age discrimination – for example, by avoiding discriminatory policies such as:

  • Requiring applicants to put their date of birth on application forms
  • Making length of service a criterion for redundancy (so-called ‘last in, first out’).

Our specialist employment law team are experts in age discrimination. We have a wealth of experience advising businesses in this area of the law. We can help you make sure that your business complies with the law and that any issues are dealt with quickly and effectively – with a minimum of fuss.

Retirement and pensions legal advice

The Equality Act also abolished the default retirement age - so it’s illegal to insist that employees retire when they reach a certain age, unless it can be justified. We can advise on whether you have grounds to do this.

Policy review service

Our policy review service helps businesses meet their obligations under anti-discrimination laws.

We draft bespoke policies which ensure that your business complies with the law. We can review your policy documents and suggest amendments to existing policies to bring them up to date. Our policies are always written in plain language, so that they are completely accessible and understandable.

Specialist training services

We also provide training for staff on equality law and if you have had a claim of age discrimination brought against you, we can defend it for you.

What to do next

Tees will ensure that your business complies with the law in a way that everyone can understand. We understand how important it is to control legal costs, so we’ll be completely open with you about our fees before we start work. We’ll work efficiently to complete your work as quickly as possible and we’ll keep you informed of progress as we go along.

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