Sexual discrimination advice for businesses

Tees represents and supports employers through every aspect of sexual discrimination claims. Our solicitors provide policies, procedures and legal representation.

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Sexual discrimination claims – legal support for employers

Under the Equality Act, it is unlawful to treat employees/workers or prospective employees/workers less favourably because of their sex. The Act also protects people from harassment or victimisation because of their sex.

The Act applies to discrimination against both men and women.

Tees can advise on any aspect of sexual discrimination at work. This is a complex area of the law; without specialist advice, your business may be exposed to risk of sexual discrimination claims from employees and workers. Proper employment procedures and staff training help protect your business against sexual discrimination claims.  

Occupational requirements

In some cases, there is a ‘genuine occupational requirement’ for businesses to implement employment policies which may seem discriminatory. For example, women to work in a female changing room. Policies of this nature, however necessary, can represent a risk to your business – so it’s important to take legal advice from the start. Our employment law specialists can help.

Expert sexual discrimination solicitors

At Tees we have significant experience in dealing with all types of sexual discrimination cases. We will guide you through everything you need to ensure your business is fully compliant with its obligations to employees and workers under the Equality Act. There are a number of ways we can help, including: 

  • Providing comprehensive and bespoke policies for your company 
  • Reviewing and auditing your existing policies and procedures from an equality perspective to ensure that there is nothing in them that might cause claims for direct or indirect discrimination 
  • Providing guides, templates and checklists 
  • Assisting you with grievances 
  • Defending you against claims 
  • Providing practical and realistic advice in relation to any restructures, redundancy exercise or work place projects 
  • Training your staff.

If you need advice regarding sexual discrimination, call Tees’ specialist employment law team on 0800 0131165.

How we work with you

At Tees, our dedicated employment law solicitors understand the sensitive and complex nature of sexual discrimination claims. So, if a complaint has been made against your business or staff, you can rely on Tees to support you. Our priority is always to achieve a resolution that works for your business. 

Tailored legal support for your business

Tees delivers practical, straightforward and commercially-focused advice. Anti-discrimination laws can be difficult to navigate without proper legal support, but our experts can guide you. We will work with you, to make sure your business complies with the law, and fulfils any legal obligations to employees. 

Managing legal costs

We understand how important it is to control legal costs, so we’ll be completely open with you about our fees before we start work. We’ll work efficiently to complete your work as quickly as possible and we’ll keep you informed of progress as we go along. 

What to do next

Tees will help ensure that your business is compliant with discrimination law, and minimise the potential of a claim by your employees.

Call our Employment Law solicitors on 0800 0131165

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