Traumatic birth compensation claims

If you suffered a traumatic experience during childbirth which has led to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you might have a claim for compensation if it was due to medical negligence.

Sophie Stuart, Cambridge
Sophie Stuart, medical negligence specialist in Cambridge

Traumatic birth compensation claims: Expert medical negligence advice

Every mother’s experience and perception of childbirth is unique. There is no ‘normal’. Sometimes labour is not routine and the labour or delivery may be traumatic. Traumatic experiences during childbirth can be both physically and psychologically damaging for the mother. 

PTSD after birth can be absolutely devastating. Possible symptoms can include: difficulty bonding with your baby, a fear of having another baby and feelings of inadequacy or failure. Mothers with postnatal PTSD may experience flashbacks of the birth, or may be unable to remember parts of it.

You might have a claim for compensation if, as a result of negligence, you experienced trauma during childbirth which caused (or contributed to) you suffering PTSD.

No win, no fee

We work on a no win, no fee basis, so there’s no need to worry about costs. Plus, our specialist solicitors provide an initial free assessment of your claim. 

Examples of potentially negligent care include:

  • failure to obtain the mother’s consent for medical interventions (e.g. forceps, ventouse) or explain the risks of such procedures
  • failures in care leading to the mother or baby suffering a physical birth injury
  • failures in care leading to stillbirth or neonatal death.

PTSD after stillbirth  or neonatal death

Tragically, some babies are stillborn or die a few days after birth because medical staff make mistakes. Losing a child is the worst thing any parent can go through. In medical negligence cases, there is an added sense that the child’s death could have been avoided with better care. Lots of parents just want answers about what happened during their care, and support to help them come to terms with the loss of their child.

Parents are particularly at risk of PTSD after birth if they suffered a stillbirth or neonatal death. If this happened to you, it’s important that you get all the support you need.

A medical negligence solicitor is on your side to help you through the process. At Tees, we can help you find out what happened during your child’s birth and get the support you need to move forwards.

How a compensation claim can help 

A successful claim can provide:

  • therapy and support to help you process the situation
  • closure about what happening during your pregnancy and care, and even an apology from those responsible for your care
  • compensation for your pain and suffering
  • compensation for your loss of earnings (if any).

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