Social housing

Managing social housing requires in-depth knowledge of the legal framework and a firm touch with the contracts – we offer you all this and more.

Legal specialists for social housing providers

If you’re a registered social landlord or run a housing co-operative, you’ll know that strong and thorough legal advice is the key to managing tenancies. So you’ll need advisers who understand the complex legal environment of social housing inside out, and who can help you set up a management system that works for you and all your tenants.

Legal insights, practical experience

We have the skills and experience you need. Whether you have hundreds of properties or just the one, we can help. We deal with landlord and tenant issues everyday, so we know exactly what sort of issues you face. We also have specialist teams to help with related matters such as tax and employment.

How we can help

Our specialist social housing solicitors will give you clear legal guidance in plain language. We’ll talk through the options with you and help you decide what works best for you. All our advice is geared towards helping you manage your property effectively and efficiently, so you can provide the sort of service that keeps your tenants happy.

We handle the contracts

We find that properly drafted tenancy agreements are the best starting point for good property management. We’ll help you with these. But you’ll also need strong procedures for dealing with any issues that may crop up. We’ll also help you with these. These issues include:

  • Carrying out repairs
  • Supporting tenants
  • Claiming outstanding rent
  • Taking possession

We manage risks

Occasionally, you will have to handle disputes with tenants. In these cases, we can help you take legal action to resolve the situation. The sort of issues we can advise you on are:

  • Possession orders
  • Injunctions for antisocial behaviour
  • Breaches of tenancy terms
  • Unauthorised occupants

A tailored service

We build our service around the needs of your business. We take time to understand you and what makes you tick. We put ourselves in your shoes and then tailor our advice accordingly

What to do next

Our team of experienced solicitors will work with you as partners throughout. Our open and friendly work ethos means that you’ll always know what’s happening, and when it’s happening. And you can be confident that the advice and support we offer is made in your best interests.

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