Company law

Company law is complicated – and there’s lots of it! Fortunately, we’re here to help you find your way through it.

Sue Dowman, Brentwood

At the last count, there were over 1300 sections to the Companies Act 2006! Not only that, but there’s a lot of subsidiary legislation too. So you’ll want to have an experienced team of business lawyers to help you find your way through the mass of rules and regulations.

How we can help

Our team of business lawyers are experts in company law. Over the years, we’ve advised companies both large and small, public and private as well as many family run businesses. We can help you to make sure that your company complies with all the rules and regulations with the minimum of fuss.

How we work

All our business clients have a solicitor, so you’ll always know who to call when you need to talk to us. We’ll keep things straightforward and clear and we’ll talk to you in plain English. In the business team, we work closely with our colleagues in other departments, such as the employment and commercial property teams, so that you’ll get a joined-up service.

A tailored service

We know that no two businesses are the same, so we’ll take the time to get to know you and understand your business. Our service will be based around your company and your needs.

Our expertise

We can advise you on all aspects of setting up and running a company, including

  • Company formation 
  • Drafting constitutional documents 
  • Appointment and removal of directors 
  • Directors’ powers and duties 
  • Share issues and transfers 
  • Reorganisations 
  • Mergers and demergers 
  • Meetings of shareholders and directors 
  • Share buy-back transactions 
  • Declaration of dividends

What to do next

At Tees, we’ll work hard to understand your commercial needs and make sure we deliver everything you need to take your business forward. Contact us now for a confidential discussion about how we can help you find your way through Company Law.

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