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Polly Kerr, Royston
Polly Kerr, family and school specialist in Royston

Specialist education law solicitors

As parents, we know that our children’s education is vital to their futures and fortunately most of our schools and colleges are doing a great job. Most of the time any problems can be sorted out by a phone call to the school or a meeting with teachers. But sometimes you may feel like nobody is listening to you and your child is missing out on something crucial. What can you do if you need to challenge your child’s school or the way your child has been treated? How can you make people listen to you? You could start by talking to us.

How we can help you

You know it and we know it – no two children are the same. However, education authorities and schools can sometimes lose sight of this and fail to recognise the needs of an individual child.

Our expertise

We can advise you on a range of issues such as admissions appeals, challenging exclusions, breaches of contract by independent schools and assisting parents in obtaining or challenging provision under an Education Health and Care Plan including tribunal appeals. If you want us to, we can take up your case for you and talk to the school on your behalf.

If your children aren’t so little any more, we can still help with disputes with universities and colleges. We can also advise on disputes regarding student loans.

Dedicated education law solicitors

Education law is a highly specialised area of the law, and Tees has the in-house expertise to guide you. Keeping up to date with rapidly changing laws and guidance on admissions and exclusions, academies and free schools and a whole host of other things concerning education isn’t always easy.

However, that’s our job and we’re very happy to give you the benefit of our knowledge when you come to us for help. Some of us are school governors too, so we get to see things from all sides. 

How we work

We’ll listen to what’s happened and we’ll be able to advise you on your best course of action. We know that it can be difficult to challenge your child’s school and we know that these cases have to be handled with sensitivity. We also know that time is of the essence – your child only gets one chance at a school career – so we’ll work quickly and efficiently to get a satisfactory outcome.

Let’s talk!

You’ll find our team of education lawyers friendly and easy to talk to – lots of us are parents too, so we really do understand your concerns. If you’ve tried to sort out a problem with your child’s school yourself and not managed to get anywhere, give us a call for a free and confidential discussion about how we can help.

Call us for a free 30 minute chat, at no obligation, to discuss your options. Alternatively, if you want us to take a closer look at your situation, come in and talk to us face-to-face for up to 90 minutes for a fixed fee of £150 plus VAT.

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Legal 500 UK 2021 / Public Sector - Education

‘The practice is very thorough and communicates and executes very well.’ Legal 500 UK 2021, South East - Public Sector - Education

Legal 500 UK 2021 / Rising Star

‘Polly Kerr is very knowledgeable, always helpful, goes the extra mile and good communicator.’
Legal 500 UK 2021, South East - Public Sector - Education

Legal 500 UK 2021 / Rising Star

‘Polly Kerr was excellent. She went above and beyond to help us. She really believed in my son’s cause and gave us excellent advice – not just legal, also personal so that we could present our case as effectively as possible.’
Legal 500 UK 2021, South East - Public Sector - Education
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