Insurance disputes

If you're going through a dispute with your insurance company, we can help you find a resolution - and recover your losses.

Darren Perks, Bishop's Stortford

Car insurance, house insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance – we could go on. We all spend hundreds of pounds a year to protect the things we value against disaster. So when the worst happens we’re covered and we can make a claim.

Sometimes insurance companies will say that they’re not liable to pay out in the particular circumstances of your case. When that happens, you’ll probably feel badly let down and angry. We’ve all heard people say ‘it’s not worth the paper it’s written on’. You’ll want to know if there’s anything you can do. That’s where we can help.

How we can help you

We’ve got a team of expert insurance lawyers who can advise you on your disputed insurance claim. We’ve worked with lots of clients over the years so we understand how you’ll be feeling.

We look at every detail

We can take a close look at the small print for you and advise whether you can bring a claim against your insurance company to recover your losses. If you want us to, we’ll take your case up and, if need be, we’ll take legal action on your behalf.

How we work

We’ll listen carefully to your story and we’ll get a full picture of what’s happened. Then we’ll take a very close look at your insurance policy. Using our knowledge of the law and our years of experience, we’ll give you straightforward and honest advice about what you can do – and how likely you are to succeed if you bring a case.

We don’t believe in making life any more difficult than it is already, so we’ll talk to you in plain English and answer any questions that you’ve got. We’ll work efficiently and quickly to sort out your claim and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. Our aim will always be to get the best possible outcome for you. 

Recent successes for clients

Recently we’ve successfully advised customers who’ve brought actions against their insurance companies to recover their losses in cases of damage by fire, escape of water, subsidence, explosion and by motor vehicles. We’ve also advised customers in cases of personal injury and critical illness where the insurance company was arguing that it was not liable to pay out. 

What to do next

Whatever the nature of your claim, we are experts in insurance law – and at making sense of the small print. So give us a call for a free and confidential discussion and let’s talk about how we can help.

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