Splitting money and financial settlements on divorce

Our specialist divorce solicitors can help you reach a fair financial settlement with your former partner.

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Divorce financial settlements

Our team of expert divorce lawyers can help you divide your assets and reach an agreement with your former partner. 

What is a financial settlement during divorce? 

A financial settlement (or settlement agreement) in a divorce sets out how your finances will be divided after your divorce. Finances that count during a divorce include your savings, investments, pension and property. 

Our guide to financial settlements during divorce explains how the settlement is worked out. The key areas your solicitor will look at with you are:

  • how to divide the family assets, such as the family home
  • how to provide continuing financial support, such as child maintenance options
  • how to ensure you're both financially secure, possibly through a pension sharing order
  • business ownership and how business assets are divided in divorce
  • pension agreements and inherited or non-matrimonial assets.
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How to reach a financial settlement during a divorce

You can reach an agreement without going to Court with the help of a specialist divorce mediator or solicitor. 

When you divorce, your financial settlement will typically be dependent upon:

  • Whether or not you have children
  • The length of time you have been married
  • Your age
  • Your property and money
  • Your ability to work
  • Your living expenses
  • The standard of living you are used to.

You do not necessarily need to go to court to decide how to split your assets. You can agree the division of assets between yourselves and it is likely to be approved, provided it is fair. However, you may require the services of a mediator who will help you reach an amicable agreement, or a divorce solicitor who can act on your behalf - particularly if you are unsure of your entitlements. Find out more about how assets are split in a divorce.

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