International estates

Our wills and probate team are experts in international law, and managing international estates.

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What is an international estate?

When you die, it's often the case that any fixed assets you have abroad, such as a house, fall under the laws of that country. This is your international estate. The rules and regulations that govern these assets can be complex and confusing to say the least. The international estate experts at Tees can take the pressure off you, and help keep everything running smoothly.

How we can help you

We have a team of dedicated solicitors who have extensive practical knowledge of estates in other countries. We understand exactly how different legal systems interact with each other, so we can help you make sense of all the relevant rules. 

International law specialists

The estates team at Tees has a wealth of experience handling international estates. Laws and regulations can vary greatly across borders, and we understand how the different rules and regulations fit together. We'll keep you on the right side of the rules, and find the best solution in your circumstances. So, if you need to navigate a foreign legal system, we can guide you through it safely. 

Our expertise also extends to matters than can add yet another layer to the situation, such as when you and your spouse/partner do not share a common UK domicile for tax purposes. We’ve been helping people deal with issues such as these, and more besides, for many years now. Our reputation in this field is second to none.

Clear, practical advice

We keep it simple. Planning for the future is straightforward at Tees, because we work with you at every step. We'll explain your options, and how any decision might effect you and your dependents, in plain English. We make sure you're completely informed at every stage, so you fully understand the implications to you. We also explain the benefits, and any potential risk to you - so we can plan around it together.

You can trust in Tees

Whether you need advice on an individual aspect of an estate, or you think you might need somebody to manage the whole process for you, we’re here to help. We can give you open and honest advice on any issue linked to estates, such as: 

  • Global wills and wills limited to UK assets 
  • Resealing foreign grants of representation 
  • UK grants of representation of a foreign will 
  • Succession planning with assets in more than one country 
  • Inheritance tax planning 

Our service is tailored to you

We build our service around your needs and circumstances. For example, if you need us to visit you at your home, we can. To find out exactly how we can help, call us now for a confidential chat – one of our expert solicitors will explain to you what your first steps should be.

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