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We advise the logistics sector on a range of employment law issues and are well-versed in the legal questions that often arise for logistics companies. The turmoil of recent times has added complexities to an already complex industry and that is impacting on employment practices and stress. It can feel overwhelming – but we are here to help. We are an associate member of the British International Freight Association (BIFA)

Redundancy and staff reorganisations – Covid-19 and Brexit have hit the logistics and supply chain sector harder than any other sector, according to the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. Manufacturing, transport & storage and construction all make the top 10 list of industries with the most redundancies in 2021 according to research from Utility Bidder. Making staff redundant is complex, but we can guide you through the processes to keep you on solid legal ground and avoid costly claims for unfair dismissal.

Settlement agreements and exit packages – advice on how to use settlement agreements for a commercial settlement of matters without admission of liability. We help you to negotiate them as part of effective management and to include robust confidential post-termination restriction clauses where appropriate.

Employment contract law – preparing written contracts for all your staff to resolve future potential conflicts or claims from an employee before they arise. We help you navigate the complex legal issues of your operations for example, if you have drivers, we make sure your contracts are compliant with the EU’s Working Time Regulations and Drivers hours’ rules.

Misconduct and performance issues - we guide clients through taking disciplinary action or managing performance issues. For companies employing drivers, issues can include: failure to comply with company procedures such as observing weight limits and HGV operating licence conditions. Failure to comply may result in the operator’s licences being suspended and it’s vital that employers can make informed choices about how to deal with drivers who have not followed the rules. Companies employing drivers also have a duty to take steps to protect drivers who will often be lone workers, driving all over the country and managing the variety of issues that can arise.

For warehousing, issues may include allegations of bullying at work, performance management, managing shift patterns and rotas and related potential health issues. Issues that we have advised on include: collective grievances raised around changing night shift patterns and contended disruption of workers’ circadian rhythms (and related risk to health). 

Workplace disputes, collective grievances and employment tribunal claims – we have extensive expertise you can lean on if an employee brings a case against you at tribunal. We advise on HR law so you can avoid inadvertently creating a situation that allows an employee to bring a claim against you. We can help you to follow correct internal/ACAS policies to prevent a tribunal making findings against you and increasing the compensation payable.

TUPE transfers and outsourcing– often complex legal situations arise where a contract is outsourced from one contractor to another. We can clearly explain the legal position to you, advise on which rights are being transferred and your new obligations in a merger or acquisition, plus the commercial options available to you. 

HR policies – we provide these for you so you get a more effective working environment which supports your business to thrive.

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