Intellectual property

Your intellectual property is an important part of your business assets – we can help you to make the most of it.

Sue Dowman, Brentwood

Modern businesses are increasingly recognising the value of their intellectual property. From trademarks, patents and copyrights to confidential information and know-how, your intellectual property is as important as your concrete assets to your business. So you’ll want to have a team of experienced lawyers to help you protect and make the most of your valuable intellectual property assets.

How we can help

We can help you recognise and protect the value of your company’s intellectual property. We can look at options such as franchising to help you maximise the value of your intellectual assets. We can also help and advise you on how to protect your intellectual property. We hope it won’t be necessary, but if you think your company’s intellectual property has been abused, we can advise you on taking enforcement action to restore your rights.

How we work

Our specialist team of commercial solicitors are experts in all aspects of business law. When you work with us, you’ll have direct access to our knowledgeable team whenever you need it. Our business lawyers also work closely with colleagues in other parts of our organisation, so you can be sure of a fully joined-up service which covers everything you need to know.

A tailored service

We’ll take the time to really understand your business and what you need because no two businesses are the same. Our service will be focussed on you and your specific needs from your legal team. We’ll draw on our experience to come up with efficient and effective solutions that suit your business and your plans for the future.

Recent successes for clients

  • Acting for a multi-national software business in reviewing and revising their software licensing, maintenance and re-sale agreements.
  • Advising a regional transport firm on assignment, licensing and protection of unregistered rights in a nationally recognised and accredited training course developed by the company and outsource providers.
  • Advising a substantial private company in the acquisition and development of various unregistered rights and software and the acquisition of several intellectual property owning companies as part of an ongoing development strategy.

What to do next

Protecting your intellectual property is as important as protecting all your company’s other assets. At Tees, we’ll work hard to understand your needs and make sure we deliver everything you need to take your business forward. Contact us now for a confidential discussion about how we can help.

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