Employment law for sickness and absence

If you feel unfairly treated at work because you’ve taken time off due to sickness, ill health or another issue, you might have a claim against your employer.

Katherine Jameson, Bishop's Stortford
Katherine Jameson, employment law specialist in Bishop's Stortford Settlement agreement solicitor

Workplace absence solicitors: Expert legal advice

Most people will need time off work for one reason or another during their careers. If you think your employer has handled the situation poorly or infringed your rights, our expert employment law solicitors can help you. 

What are my rights if I need time off work? 

As an employee, you’re entitled to time off work if you need it. Your employer should have a clear policy in place to manage your absences and treat you fairly if you need to take time off. At Tees, we regularly advise clients who have taken time off work due to:

  • ill health
  • long term sickness
  • disability
  • caring responsibilities
  • family or personal issues.

If you feel unfairly treated by your employer, you have options. We understand that the situation has probably left you feeling distressed and emotionally drained at a time when you are already struggling with the issues that have caused you to need time off in the first place. Our solicitors are experts in employment law and we regularly deal with complex discrimination cases and claims. We’ve worked on both sides of the fence, so we’ve heard all the arguments your employer is likely to make. This puts us in the perfect position to anticipate what will happen next and to guide you accordingly. 


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Our services

  • we can tell you if you have a claim for discrimination against your employer
  • listen to what you want to achieve and explore your options for the way to move forward
  • negotiate with your employer on your behalf
  • organise mediation to find a solution where it's possible in a way that reduces the conflict
  • represent you in court should you choose to resort to litigation.

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