Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) compensation claims

If there was a problem during the diagnosis, treatment or surgery of your ear, nose or throat (ENT) condition you may be able to claim compensation.

Sarah Stocker, Cambridge
Sarah Stocker, medical negligence specialist in Cambridge

Ear, nose, and throat medical negligence solicitors

Medical errors during your ENT surgery or treatment, delayed diagnosis or misdiagnoses can be life changing. We understand the consequences can be very stressful and can seriously impact your quality of life. If this has happened to you, our specialist ENT medical negligence solicitors are here to help.

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We work on a no win, no fee basis, so there’s no need to worry about costs. Plus, our specialist solicitors provide an initial free assessment of your claim.

Examples of ENT medical negligence claims

Mistakes during medical treatment or surgery to the ear, nose and throat can cause long-term damage. We have experience and expertise helping patients who have suffered sub-standard ENT treatment.  Common examples include:

  • not properly discussing the risks and benefits of the treatment with you or any other treatment options 
  • misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of throat, neck, nose and sinus tumours such as cancer of the larynx, pharynx, nose, sinus and nasopharynx
  • mismanagement of abnormal skin growths in the middle section of the ear (cholesteatomas)
  • mismanagement of ear infections leading to hearing loss
  • misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of hearing problems such as Otosclerosis, leading to deafness
  • dizziness or vertigo (vestibular dysfunction) arising from ototoxicity (damage to the ear as a side effect of medication such as Gentamicin)
  • negligent surgery resulting in:
  • damage to the facial nerve causing facial weakness/paralysis 
  • damage to the skull/eye socket during sinus surgery 
  • loss of smell or taste 
  • vocal cord damage 
  • negligently performed tonsillectomy.

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How a compensation claim can help 

A claim can help you move forward and aid in your recovery. Compensation can cover the cost of care, adapted housing and specialist equipment or treatment (such as hearing aids or surgery). It can also provide financial security for your future.

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What is ENT surgery?

ENT surgery is a term used to cover all surgical operations performed by specifically trained otolaryngologists on the ear, nose or throat.

ENT surgery may be performed for the following reasons:

  • Pain experienced in the face
  • Tinnitus (i.e. a persistent ringing in the ears)
  • Removal of obstructions from the nasal passage
  • To treat sleep apnoea (i.e. when your breathing stops and starts whilst you sleep)
  • Rhinoplasty (i.e. a nose job).

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