Sickness, ill health and time off work

If you feel unfairly treated at work because you’ve taken time off due to sickness, ill health or another issue you might have a claim against your employer.

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Taking time off work due to sickness or ill health

Most people will need time off work for one reason or another during their careers. If you think your employer has handled the situation poorly, or infringed on your worker's rights, our expert employment law solicitors can help you. We will tell you if you have a claim for discrimination against your employer, and the way to move forward.

What are my rights if I need time off work?

As an employee, you’re entitled to time off work if you need it. Your employer should have a clear policy in place to manage your absences, and treat you fairly if you need to take time off. At Tees, we regularly advise clients who have taken time off work due to:

  • Ill health
  • Long term sickness
  • Disability
  • Caring responsibilities
  • Family or personal issues

If you feel unfairly treated by your employer, you have options. The employment solicitors at Tees can help you with all of these issues. We provide comprehensive advice and guidance on your legal rights. 

More than that – we take the time to understand your concerns and objectives. Then we’ll explain your legal position, and the options available to you so we can advise you on the best way forward.

How we can help you

Our solicitors are experts in employment law, and we regularly deal with complex discrimination cases and claims. We’ve worked on both sides of the fence, so we 

know what makes people tick, and we’ve heard all the arguments your employer is likely to make. This puts us in the perfect position to anticipate what will happen next, and to guide you accordingly. And we’ll give you all the practical advice and support you need.

We support you at every step

We understand that the situation has probably left you feeling distressed, angry and emotionally drained. It’s a massive strain. We do all we can to ease the burden for you while we work on a resolution. We’ll guide you through every step of the process. And we’ll be right beside you whether we need to negotiate, mediate or litigate to get the right result.

We build our service around your individual needs and the circumstances of your situation. All our help and advice will be focused on finding a quick and efficient resolution that works for you.

We’ll give you our expert legal opinion based on the facts of the case. We’ll explain all your options to you in plain language, and you can be confident that we’ll always be open and honest with you, so you’ll always know exactly where you stand. 

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