Managing complaints

Handling complaints can be made significantly easier if the school has a well-written complaints procedure in place. We can help you create a complaints policy with written procedures and, if you are facing a complaint, help you to deal with it.

Polly Kerr, Cambridge
Polly Kerr, family and school specialist in Royston

Our services

We can help you to prepare for complaints and handle complaints when the arise.  We help by:

  • drafting a robust school complaints policy and procedure
  • training staff to conduct investigations that must be fair, transparent and consistent 
  • ensuring the school follows best practice guidance and adheres to all legal requirements
  • advising as to who needs to be notified of the complaint
  • advising the school leaders and governors as to the best course of action
  • devising the school statements
  • documenting and presenting evidence
  • liaising with the investigator, as appointed according to the complaints procedure and with the local authority and Ofsted
  • updating to all interested parties.

Tips for handling school complaints

  • start the investigation quickly – don’t delay
  • foster an atmosphere of calm
  • recognise the legal imperative to protect whistle-blowers
  • recognise when you would benefit from legal advice
  • involve relevant parties such as HR or the local authority designated officer (LADO)
  • encourage people to share relevant information
  • follow up all information from all the parties and document the evidence carefully
  • stick to the facts
  • find an independent person to manage the investigation.

We’re here to help

You’ll find our team of education lawyers friendly and easy to talk to and we understand the ins-and-outs of education law. 

Our education law team is based in:

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But we can help you wherever you are in England and Wales.

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