Karen Crawford

Joint Head of Client Services

How can I help you?

I have over 15 years’ experience of managing the delivery of support services within an environment that has undertaken continued change. I work with Tees’ support teams to implement those changes and adapt our services to meet the needs of our internal and external clients.

Delivering what you really need

As Client Services Manager and a part of the management team, I manage – with my colleague Mike Harris – our Client Welcome and Client Care teams. Within the Client Care team are our Document Production Specialists who are responsible for producing all our client correspondence, legal forms and documents. If you’re a client of the firm, you will have had some contact with the work that my team do. You may have been greeted by one of our Client Welcome team. You may have attended meetings or seminars where our teams have set up the rooms and equipment and provided catering. Your mail and documentation is handled by one of our Client Care teams, who may have called you to confirm details or arrangements with our experts; we support the firm to support you. Please contact me if you have any feedback on our Client services.

We seek to ensure that our lawyers and other professional staff have the administrative support they need to provide seamless legal services to our clients. It is vital that our clients and lawyers enjoy the welcome they receive from our front of house team followed by efficient and accurate delivery of services.

What else should you know?

I am also a member of the Tees Corporate and Social Responsibilities committee.  This team are looking at how our employees can assist and work with the community to help charities both locally and nationally.

Send us a confidential enquiry and our team will be in touch as soon as we can.

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