Pay & employee benefits

When you need to negotiate your pay and benefits, or you're in a dispute with your employer, good legal advice will put you on a firm footing.

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Ellieshia Hyam, trainee solicitor in Bishops Stortford

Pay and employee benefits - legal advice

There are a range of issues that can arise regarding your pay and benefits at work. Your contract should set out how much you will be paid, and on what date, plus outline any other benefits. In addition, there are laws which relate to pay and benefits that may be relevant to your situation.

Our pay and benefits services

Our employment law specialists can advise you on:

  • whether any incentive scheme is governed by your contract and if so, what the terms mean for you
  • claiming back pay when you realise you’ve been underpaid
  • the terms of your pay or bonus
  • whether certain terms are contractual or discretionary
  • whether a scheme is transferable with your contract on a TUPE transfer
  • your rights if you feel you’ve been discriminated against, for instance, in the exercise of discretion on a bonus scheme
  • navigating your way through a grievance process
  • taking your employer to an employment tribunal, should you wish to take it to this stage and it cannot be resolved in another way.

ACAS has useful information regarding raising a grievance at work and it’s wise to seek legal advice as well. A specialist employment lawyer can listen to you, look at your situation in detail and put you in the strongest position possible. You need to find out what your rights are and be aware of deadlines for making pay claims.

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If you want to find out more, speak with one of our specialist employment lawyers. So call us now for a chat, tell us what’s happened, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Our specialist lawyers are based in:

  • Cambridgeshire: Cambridge
  • Essex: Brentwood, Chelmsford, and Saffron Walden
  • Hertfordshire: Bishop's Stortford and Royston 

but we can help you wherever you are in England and Wales.

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